10 Ways to Use the Internet To Make Your Wedding Better

Technology has made many everyday things easier. We carry powerful devices in our pockets and have instant access to information in a way that just didn’t exist 20 years ago. Need a wedding planner, you got tonnes to choose from online! Want to buy a ring, you can look here on the internet, where the options are galore! Even with all the amenities we have now (thanks to technology), sure planning a wedding can be stressful! But here are a few ways the internet can help make your special day less stressful and more enjoyable.

Online Wedding Gift Lists

Everyone likes wedding lists, it takes the pressure off the gift giver to choose an appropriate gift and the happy couple get to request things they actually will want and will use. They also take away the possibility of people doubling up on gifts – there is only so many cutlery sets one couple needs. The online versions are quicker and easier for everyone. Just share a link with your guests and they can go on and pick something at their own convenience.

Social Media

Many couples still put out disposable cameras on the tables at wedding receptions, in hopes of the guests capturing great photos throughout the evening. With social media, guests can take the photos with their own devices and simple share them with the couple or publicly. Setting up a hashtag and encouraging guests to use it on social media will mean a constant stream of photos throughout the day that the couple can look back on.

Live Streaming for Absent Guests

Sometimes circumstances dictate that loved ones can’t attend your special day. It’s never been cheaper or easier to broadcast events yourself. Harnessing the power of the internet, the person filming your wedding could also be broadcasting it to people around the world who would not usually be able to be involved.

Wedding Websites

There are now many tools online that allow couples to make their own wedding websites without any previous web design experience. Putting all the information online can make it easier for you to let all your guests know what will be going on during the big day, and any information they will need before they arrive. You can even allow guests to RSVP online and provide links to local accommodation and even the online wedding list mentioned above. If you feel like you would want a more customized feel to your wedding website, you could always check out various professional portfolios on websites such as Visual Objects (https://visualobjects.com/web-design).

Group Chats

The organisation for a wedding can be stressful, but adding relevant people to group chats on messaging programs such as Whatsapp and Facebook messenger can make communication much easier. The bride and her bridesmaids can have their own chat to organise details leading up to the day, including their hen night, as can the groom and his friends for the stag party. Quick and easy communication between all parties ensures nobody gets left in the dark and can help avoid confusion on the big day.

Wedding Apps

There are hundreds of wedding apps that can help you plan your wedding. The specialised apps can help with anything from choosing a dress to finding a local cake maker. Need a wedding venue near Chester? It will show you a list, including Carden Park. Need customisable wedding checklist? there’s an app for that too. Some apps offer all in one solutions, with everything from invites to seating arrangements in one app.


Weddings can be expensive, but many people buy things that can only be used once. If you don’t need every single thing to be new, you can always find used wedding equipment on eBay. Anything from centerpieces to dresses, you can always relist them afterwards to make your money back.


Etsy is an online platform focused on handmade products from independent sellers. You can browse thousands of customisable products that can make your wedding a little more you. There is no need for everyone to have the same generic decorations, with Etsy you can find one-off pieces or commission artists from around the world to create something unique for your wedding.

Vendor Bidding Sites

Finding service providers for your wedding can be stressful, it’s sometimes takes a lot of back and forth before you can find someone you like within your budget. You usually end up contacting a lot of people you find online, only to discover that they are not free on your dates, they don’t serve your area or they are much higher than your budget.

Find your photographer, florist or any other vendor by using take bidding sites like taskrabbit. Simply place an ad for what you need with your budget and professionals will come to you offering competitive quotes for their work. This way, the only people who bid are people who know your needs and you get to choose the one that fits best.