3 Tips For Encouraging A Strong Relationship Between Your Kids And Your Parents

Family is one of the most important and impactful things in a person’s life. While some family consists of people that you share blood with, other family are those that you choose. Regardless of this, people often feel like their lives are much richer and filled with more love and support the more connected they are to the people they consider family. You never know—your kids might end up living with these family members if tragedy strikes or other issues arise with your immediate family. So to help your children benefit from having a large family unit surrounding them, here are three tips for encouraging a strong bond between your kids and their grandparents.

Visit As Often As You Can

Arguably the best way for your kids and your parents to bond with one another is for them to have the opportunity to spend time together. Getting together physically, whenever possible, will allow your kids to develop natural relationships with your parents that aren’t rushed or forced. According to Dr. Steven Dowshen, a contributor to KidsHealth.org, you should plan trips to visit your parents as often as you can. Additionally, invite your parents to come to your home to see your family as well. Regardless of whether you live close or far away from your children’s grandparents, it’s can be very helpful to their relationship if you make visits a priority.

Create Open Lines of Communication

When seeing each other in person just isn’t plausible, it can be very helpful to still keep the lines of communication open between your kids and your parents. Thanks to modern technology, it’s now easier than ever to see and speak with family members who live all other the world. According to Cheryl Butler, a contributor to Mighty Mommy and QuickAndDirtyTips.com, you can teach both your parents and your kids to text, tweet, email, chat, video call, post to social media, and more as a way to stay in touch with each other.

Become Closer Emotionally With Your Parents Yourself

According to Susan Adcox, a contributor to VeryWellFamily.com, research has shown than your closeness with your parents will have a big impact on how close your children will be with your parents. So if you currently don’t have the best or closest relationship with your parents, you might want to start working on this area yourself before you try to push your kids and your parents together. If you’re naturally close with your parents, your children will learn this from you and their bond with their grandparents will easily grow as well.

If you’re wanting to bring your whole family together, consider using the tips mentioned above to help get your kids and your parents closer in their own relationships together.