3 Tips for Staying Comfortable During A Pregnancy

Although there can be a lot of joys that come along with a pregnancy, there can also be a lot of aches and pains that come with it as well. From getting sick easier to having trouble standing up or sitting down, it can be very hard to get comfortable for many pregnant women, especially as the months wear on. Luckily, there are a few things you can do that may help you to find at least a few minutes of relief from the pressure and size that comes from being heavy with child. To show you the best way to get through those hard stages of pregnancy, here are three tips for staying comfortable during a pregnancy.

Sleeping Soundly

While most pregnant women feel very tired during their pregnancy, once that belly pops, it can be extremely difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. And even if you’re able to get comfortable, once you get tired of that position, it takes so much effort to get your body into a new position. So to actually get some rest during the nights, Sarah Yang, a contributor to TheBump.com, recommends using lots of pillows to make your bed comfy, getting some cool air flowing, blocking out all light, and laying on your side as much as possible. By doing these things, you’ll increase the likelihood of feeling comfortable and allowing your body to relax and get the rest it needs.

Finding The Right Position

Not only can sleeping be uncomfortable, but being awake can be just as bad once your baby starting growing bigger and bigger. Sitting, standing, and laying down for too long can all get equally uncomfortable. For this reason, you’ve got to know how to control your posture in order to keep your body in the right positions for comfort. Kara Douglass Thom, a contributor to Parents.com, advises trying to sit forward rather than slouching so the weight from your belly is directly over the floor rather than the rest of your body. This will help keep your spine aligned and better support your body. You can try this by sitting criss-cross on the floor or squatting. And if you need a good stretch for your back, try child’s pose with your knees spread wide to give room for your belly.

Comfy Clothes

As your body grows along with your baby’s, your pre-pregnancy clothes likely won’t fit like they used to. While not all women choose to purchase maternity clothes, there are a few things you should bring into your wardrobe for days when you’re feeling particularly uncomfortable. Amy Tara Koch and Jenn Falik, contributors to BabyCenter.com suggest trying things like leggings, maxi dresses, long tanks, wrap dresses, and fold-waistband yoga pants. These articles of clothing will give you the stretch and breathability you want during your pregnancy while also helping you to feel comfortable and supported.

If you’re worried about how to stay comfortable during your pregnancy, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.