3 Ways To Make Your Child’s Room Look Professionally Designed

While the design and decor of your child’s room may not be your top priority as you decorate your home, having a beautiful and welcoming room can make a huge difference in your child’s life. However, decorating a space for a young child can be a challenge for many parents.

To help you create a space that both you and your child can be proud of, here are three tips for making your child’s room look professionally designed and decorated. 

Think Small

The most important thing for you to remember as you begin planning the decor and design of your child’s room is to make everything fit perfectly for him or her. According to Michelle Ullman, a contributor to The Spruce, this means thinking small.

When installing things like decor pieces and organization or storage space, keep in mind the size and height of your child. If you want him or her to be able to act independently in their room, they need to be able to reach everything. This often means bringing things down a few inches from where you’d normally put them in a space meant for adults. And as your child grows, you can allow the space to grow with them. 

Know Where To Invest Your Money

As was just mentioned, your child is going to be doing a lot of growing in their room. Not only will this happen physically, but it will happen emotionally and with their interests as well. As a result, their decor choices might drastically change in just a short period of time. Because of this, many parents are hesitant to spend a lot of money decorating their child’s bedroom. But in order to not be spending a good chunk of change every time your child wants to shake things up, you need to know where to invest your money from the start. 

According to Sherry Nothingam, a contributor to Decoist.com, you should be investing your money in quality pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time with your child. While smaller decor elements can be bought cheaply and switched out often, the bigger furniture pieces should remain the same for years to come. 

Contrast Your Colors

One of the best ways to get your child involved in the decorating of their bedroom is to allow them to pick the color scheme, although you should really have a professional handle things like painting with whatever color they decide on. 

When choosing the colors for your child’s room, picking just one color for everything should be avoided. Rather, Sarah Warwick, a contributor to RealHomes.com, recommends that you pick contrasting colors for the textiles of the room and the paint of the room. This will cause the look of the space to really pop.

If you’re wanting to redo your child’s bedroom but don’t want the design to look too amateurish, consider using the tips mentioned above to implement a more professional design.