4 Home Remedies You Can Use To Clean LVT Flooring

With the advent of technology, the revival of the flooring tiles also became popular. Now days the vinyl flooring comes into a pre-treated form. The easily cleanable quality of vinyl flooring makes it easy to use the home remedies for its cleaning. Moreover, it is not advisable to use the chemicals on vinyl flooring because the chemicals will react badly to the flooring and will cause to fade the original color of tiles. It will also cause the scratches to the flooring. The details of home remedies are given below which you can use to clean your vinyl flooring.

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Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipe


  • Warm water
  • White vinegar or Apple cider vinegar
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Essential oils or baby oil

Want more Ingredients that can help you clean any types of LVT flooring? Read on!

  1. The Vinegar Solution

This is the easiest home remedy to clean your vinyl flooring. You only have to take a bucket with one gallon of water in it and pour one cup of Apple cider vinegar solution. Now take a mop, immersed this mop in that solution and wipe out your floor easily. The advantage of this solution is that this is an eco-friendly solution and will wipe out the germs.

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  1. Baking Soda for Stains

Stains convert your floor into a mess. It is inevitable to clean all the stains from your floor before they stick to the tiles. You have to take two table spoon of baking soda and pour some water in it and make a thick paste of that soda. Apply it on stain and rub it with the soft piece of cloth. The vibrant nature of this solution will erase the stain form your vinyl flooring tiles. You can use this remedy to the kitchen slabs.

  1. Dish Liquid

Any dish liquid which you are using in your home can be utilized as a cleaner to your luxury vinyl tiles. You only have to take a few drops of your dishwasher and spill it into the bucket of hot water. Now use the mop to clean the floor tiles and rinse it as usual. It will make your floor look shiny and bright.

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  1. Heavy-Duty Cleanser Combo

If your vinyl flooring needs a heavy duty cleaning then the home made heavy-duty cleaner combo is the best cleaner. You must take one gallon of hot water bucket and combine it with the one cup of vinegar solution, then add a few drops of washing soda. Apply this solution on floor by using the mop and rinse this solution through water. This solution will wipe out your floor. You can use this solution to those areas of your house where the footprint is uncontrolled like kitchen or bathroom.

These above mentioned solutions are the best cleaners to make your floor shiny. The vinegar solution slows down the fading process of vinyl tiles. And if you want a natural floor polisher, add two drops of baby oil in all these solutions while using them.