4 Perks To Having Teenagers

Many parents have heard of the frustrations and challenges of having teenagers.  It can be a time of rebellion and a lot of hormones swirling around the household.  However, what a lot of parents don’t realize is that it can also have its perks.

Teenagers aren’t little kids anymore.  Now they are nearly blossomed adults who need much less handling.  Although they can be challenging, there are a lot of things to look forward to about this period of their lives.  Here are some of the perks that you may not yet have considered.

They Can Drive Themselves

Initially, it may seem horrifying to imagine your child starting up the car and driving out of the driveway onto the open road.  After all, this is the little creature whose diapers you changed for so long and constantly had apple sauce running down their chin. How could they possibly enter traffic in a vehicle?

However, once you learn to accept that your little one is now nearly grown up you may start to appreciate the fact that they can get their license and drive themselves from place to place.  This means no more having to haul them to sports practice, or dance lessons, or birthday parties.  This can be a huge relief for parents with busy schedules and multiple children.

Your Relationship Starts To Mature

Once upon a time you and your child mostly talked about what they ate for lunch, how much they don’t want to go to bed, and whether they pooped their pants or not.  However, now that they have a fully developed mind and are starting to think independently about deeper things.

You may find yourself with a new friendship that you never thought would be possible.  Allowing your child to become an adult rather than expecting them to stay a child forever may be uncomfortable and new at first, but you’ll find it is extremely rewarding.

They Can Do Heavy Lifting Chores

You may have let your little ones help you with small tasks when they were younger in order to make them feel more involved.  However, it was more for entertainment and making them feel like they were contributing.

Teenagers can help with things that are actually of help!! They can do the laundry, mow the lawn, and vacuum your house! When you set up a reward system like allowance these become things that they are willing to do since you both get something out of it.

They Make Great Babysitters

If you have younger children a teenager is your greatest resource ever if you want to have some free time.  They make great babysitters as long as you return their efforts with a price.

The nice thing about the price of your teenagers is that it doesn’t always have to be monetary pay.  You can give them extra privileges that they wouldn’t otherwise have.