5 Things You Should Never Do In Front of Your Kids

No parent is perfect; however, there are some things that you just shouldn’t do in front of them. Your kids look up to you as their example and will model themselves after you as they grow up. Although most parents can admit to swearing once in a while in front of their kids, there are other things which are much more damaging.

Take a look at some of the things that you should under no circumstances ever let your children see you do.

Argue With The Other Parent

Not everybody can get along all of the time. It’s normal in a relationship to argue once in a while. Perhaps you have decided no longer to be together and are battling for custody. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s critical that you never argue in front of the kids. Doing so could cause them to feel like they need to choose sides.

They may even start to blame the argument on themselves. If you absolutely must argue with the other parent, make sure that you do it behind closed doors; preferably when the children aren’t at home. Sometimes parents are convinced the children can’t hear, but in fact, they’re listening through the door.

Badmouth The Other Parent

Even though sometimes you might not always agree with the other parent, it’s not your child’s role to listen to how you feel about them. If you really disagree with the other parent, then confide in a friend or an adult family member. Don’t unload those feelings onto your child. It will only become an emotional burden on them.

Act Violently

Under no circumstances should you ever act out violently in front of your children. Statistics show that children who have been exposed to violence in the home turn to violence as adults. Try to teach them the value of using their words and logic over their fists. In situations where you are the victim of violence at home, or your partner is abusing you, it’s crucial to seek help immediately. This can protect you and also shield children from the harmful effects of witnessing such acts. Assistance can come from various sources, including domestic violence lawyers melbourne, who specialize in providing legal support in these sensitive situations. So, try to create a safer environment for children and help break the cycle of violence that threatens to follow them into adulthood.


Children are sponges, so always be careful what you teach them. Even though you may think they’re not watching, they usually almost are. If they see you lie under any circumstances, they will see it as an example of acceptable behavior.

It’s much harder to try and teach your children to be honest when you’re guilty of being dishonest yourself.

Watch Age-Inappropriate Content

Sometimes you may be watching your phone or flipping through TV channels when you come across something that’s not made for kids. Although you may think your child is too young to understand or isn’t even paying attention, it’s best to assume, they are.

Always be careful about the contact which you expose your children to. Although it may seem harmless, children shouldn’t be exposed to certain behaviors and language at a young age. Their innocent minds aren’t mature enough to process with their seeing.