5 Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With Kids

It can be challenging enough to keep a home clean on your own. However, it can be even more complicated when living with children. Kids are notorious for leaving a mess behind wherever they go. 

Most parents can agree that it’s far from easy to keep the house tidy with little ones present. However, there are some tips that you will find useful for keeping a house clean even when your kids are home.  

Or you can also hire a professional who can help with cleaning up and looking after your kids. Especially for working parents, who juggle busy work schedules along with parenting, it could be really difficult to give attention to so many things altogether. Hiring an au pair (see here for more details) could be one of the options to get some free time and provide your children the necessary care they deserve.

Moreover, you can also teach your children responsibility and some basic household chores. Take a look at some of the most useful cleaning pointers for keeping your house in order.

Give Your Children Chores 

Many parents make the mistake of assuming that their children can’t clean up after themselves. However, the truth is that children are much more capable than you might think. 

It’s not only helpful for you to assign them chores to do every day, but it’s also helpful for them. Teaching them the importance of contributing to the cleaning process will help them become better adults. 

You can give them all sorts of tasks, from making their beds to clearing their plates. It’s important to keep in mind that it helps if you give them a reason behind the jobs that you give them. 

For example, warning them that your home could have a pest infestation if they don’t clean up their food is a great incentive for getting it done. Kids are much more likely to cooperate when there’s a reason behind what you’re asking them to do. 

Go Out More 

It’s a simple fact that the more time you spend at home with your kids, the messier it will be. Try to get outside of the house as much as possible so that you can eliminate your chances of messes being created. 

Instead of staying at home, try going to the park, going to the library, or even heading to other family members’ houses.  By trying to get out more, you’ll find you have much less mess to clean. 

Eat On Your Patio 

If there’s one thing that most kids are good at, it’s spilling crumbs everywhere when they eat. Half of the battle of keeping your house clean with kids is constantly cleaning the floors, which seem to be covered in different food groups. 

The easiest way to eliminate the need to clean your floors after a meal is to eat outside on your patio.   The food mess will stay outside where no vacuums are required! 

Enforce The “Clean Up Before You Make More Messes” Rule 

Many parents find great success with enforcing the rule of “clean up before you make more messes.” The idea is that your kids aren’t allowed to pull out any more toys or projects until their last mess is clean. 

It will definitely take some time for your children to get into the habit of obeying this rule; however, once they learn, everyone’s lives will be much easier.