5 Tips For Getting Back Into Shape After Giving Birth

Having a baby makes your body go through a complete transformation which can be a lot to accept. Although the gift and process of growing a baby inside of you is incredible, sometimes it can be difficult to appreciate how lucky you are when you’re feeling a little stretched out. Things begin to sag all over, your butt included, and you start to wonder whether your body will ever return to as close to normal as possible. Some women know more about it than others, for example they know they have access to waist trainers and butt lifters to help them post birth, but many don’t know this, or they fancy something else will work better for them.

A lot of women lose hope and assume they’ll feel out of sorts in their bodies forever after giving birth. However, it’s entirely possible to get back into shape after having a baby with the right efforts It comes down to determination and knowing the ins and outs of getting your body back to a good state. If you’re ready to feel confident in your own skin again after having a baby, follow these tips.


Give It Time

It’s important to remember that your body took nine months to get to where it’s at now. And it’s no surprise that it would take the same amount of time to get back to where it was before, or longer. Have patience with your body and remember that it’s a process.

Some women who are in a hurry to bounce back even quicker, opt for getting surgery done to speed up the process. This can be extremely effective and speed up bouncing back to getting in shape faster. However, it may not be in everyone’s budget.



Breastfeeding is nature’s way of giving you a weight loss boost to be able to get your body back to where you want it to be. When you breastfeed, your body starts using its reserve fat as a source to create the milk with.

Breastfeeding your baby starts to burn calories, and you may lose weight at a faster pace than had you not breastfed.


Work Out

Working out is a tested and true method for getting into shape and burning calories the old-fashioned way. Working out strengthens your muscles and burns extra calories. Just be sure to talk to your doctor about what kind of intensity they recommend for you.

Sometimes if you had complications during your birth process, you might be advised to stick to low intensity until a certain point to avoid injury.


Consider a Waist Trainer

Since your stomach has gone through a serious transformation, you may not have the same shape around your middle section as you had before. Some women opt for using a waist trainer as a way to get the stomach back to its previous form. By constricting your waistline for long periods of time your body starts to “memorize” the shape.

You can either wear this daily under clothes or only while you work out. It’ all a matter of comfort and preference.