I didn’t predict the success of my website and blog and certainly didn’t expect to sell advertising space on it. Somehow, right from the off, more and more readers have flocked to my site and soon, advertisers followed. While initially slightly perplexed, I have since learned to understand, why advertising on my site has worked for so many businesses. For one, any business promoting a product or service for children or parents and especially for men, can be sure that the 13’000 unique monthly readers to my site, all make up a concise target group. Furthermore, people are always on the lookout for helpful new services or products and also for fun things to do. Ads often inspire readers into action, throw up ideas and engage website visitors in a whole new world. Not only can advertisements add informative content to a blog post, but they can also transport the reader away from the everyday and entice her/him to dream a little.

My advertisers tell me of the positive results of advertising on my site and many have been with me for a long time. Whether you are a professional offering services to parents, kids or men or you have a product that might be of interest to the same group, you can be sure that your business will get optimum exposure to exactly the right kind of people. Men in particular can be difficult to target, just because they often do not seek products or services off their own steam, but rather react to advertisements and check out products and services presented to them.

Because I know the value of good advertising and needless to say because advertisers have provided me with a steady flow of income, I strive to please and ensure that all advertisers are well catered for. I am quite meticulous when it comes to the entire process.

To give you an idea of how it works and why it works, I have put a few points together for you to review:

  • Professional Service and Support: If you have to pay for a service, you should be able to be certain, that your needs will all be met. Even before you make the final decision to take out some advertising space on my website, I strive to do all I can to outline the process, rates and support structure. Once I am given the go ahead, I carefully work out the best option for you, present it to you and wait for your approval. Naturally, the design and placement of your ad are of the utmost importance and years of experience allow me to know the best way to proceed. We always monitor and subsequently evaluate the performance of the ad and ask our advertisers for feedback. This way, we can continually improve our advertising services. From start to finish, I aim to be professional and your targets and objectives are my main focus. Obviously, the most important aspect is getting you are return for your investment and I therefore strive to ensure that advertisers see an increase in profits at the back of placing an advertisement on my site.
  • Simple Process: As soon as we have agreed on a concept, you can pretty much leave all the work to me and sit back and relax.
  • Excellent Networking Opportunity: Advertisers have further found that they have made useful contacts through advertising on my site. Collaboration and networking between related businesses is always a valuable exercise.

What to Do Next

If you are considering advertising on my site, please get in touch and let me tell you all there is to know about the process, give you a quotation and outline your options. Some of our advertisers approach us with readily designed ads while others rely on us for the creation of a visually compelling ad. Regardless of the size of your business, we would like to work with you and have you present on our website.

Readers’ comments also often testify to the positive contribution advertising businesses can make and they value the easy access to relevant products and services. We pretty much want to make sure that everyone gains from the process, advertisers, readers and ourselves.

Get in touch with me here.