Amazing Caribbean Resorts You Should Visit On Your Next Vacation

The West has long been infatuated with the breathtaking sceneries that the Caribbean archipelago has to offer. From time immemorial, the islands have held some of the most savory resorts on the planet like these Turks and Caicos villas for example; serving as a sort of reprieve from the tumultuous nature of a fast-paced lifestyle. Here, life seems to come to a standstill.

Epitome of Paradise

In fact, quite a number of resorts have a semblance to the Utopia fondly spoken of in quite a number of religious outfits around the globe. Whether it’s the exquisite cuisine, old wooden-house style so prevalent in the Caribbean, or the finest collection of classic rums one will ever find, the Caribbean has something for someone. That being said, here are some of the finest Caribbean resorts you should definitely see before (as the Ancient Romans use to say) you move on to the afterlife.

Eden Rock

The first spectacle that greets you at Eden Rock is the turquoise water, with the resort jutting out from the shore line, and looking truly one with the sea. Considered one of the Caribbean’s exclusive spots, the resort itself stands proud for having an incomparable history.

The resort was once an enviable Hollywood hotspot for the biggest names in showbiz in the ‘50s and ‘60s. In the 1990s, it was reinvented to have exotic beach houses, lavish villas, and executive oceanfront suites.

Golden Rock Inn

Ideally, if you plan to explore the lushness of the Caribbean, then this is definitely a great place to set up camp. Historically, the surroundings of the Golden Rock Inn was a sugar plantation.

The resort is built with a traditional Irish castle design, though at times it might feel a little dreary. The Caribbean sugar mills on the other hand, are worth all the hype. They consist of stone structures with temperate air, making it comfortable and balmy.

Guests reside within cottages, and in between them, there are beautiful tropical gardens in tandem with spring-fed pools. On either side, one is greeted with the tropical rainforest, and in a short distance, a pretty exotic surfing beach.

Jade Mountain

One will certainly fall in love with the breathtaking views of the Piton Mountains standing side by side with the Caribbean Sea. Moreover, each room in this paradise is furnished with an infinity pool that flows into the emerging view. Oh, and is it worth mentioning that each visitor has their own personal butler on call 24 hours a day to bring them their desires from the bar? Whether it’s a casual midnight indulgent of rum, or morning breakfast; freedom is unlimited. It’s one of the little pleasantries of visiting a Caribbean island, and one can find out much more by visiting Caribbean Travel Websites.

In a nutshell, there is a slice of a slice of heaven for everyone in the Caribbean island. Regardless of what you decide to do, plan well and think about the group you are with to ensure you make the most of your trip of a lifetime.