As a Single Dad, 4 Activities Your Kids Will Love

If you are a single dad, then you know how important it is for you to keep your kids occupied while they are with you. That means you may do quite a bit of searching to find out things you can do with them that satisfy their needs and attention spans. You can pull things out that you did with your parents when you were a kid, or you can research ways that other fathers have figured out that they can bond with their children.

Four specific activities will get you started when thinking about these kinds of activities and events. A good one that comes to mind is setting your children up with piano lessons. Another one that you should keep in mind is spending time with your kids with all gadgets off, including your own!

Third, if you get them involved with sports or other athletic activities, their health will improve, they will get more friends, and they will appreciate your involvement in their lives. Finally, your kids can learn new skills with you. If you are doing some carpentry project, for example, let them help you!

Piano Lessons

Kids will remember piano lessons in different ways. As a parent, you should introduce them to piano lessons because it is such a great way to expand their minds, you also have to make sure that you don’t force something on them that they don’t enjoy. Finding the right piano teacher is a good first step, and then discovering the right schedule for coming back can mean the difference between your kids being happy with these piano lessons, and being angry that they’re forced to do something they’re not interested in. Making sure they have a piano and the best piano stool at home means they can practice whenever they like. As they improve, they’re more likely to do it because they enjoy playing piano rather than because you have suggested it.

Time Spent Without Gadgets

More and more, kids are disconnected from the world around them because they spend too much time on gadgets. If you want to do something as a single dad that they will appreciate once they get used to it, spend time when all of you turn all of your gadgets off. Your undivided attention is focused on them, and their entire attention is focused on you. It can be a refreshing experience for everyone involved.

Sports or Athletic Activities

Involve your kids in sports or athletic activities. They don’t have to be good at these sports. And you don’t either. The point is to participate. You can learn sportsmanship from athletic activities even if you aren’t very good at the action itself. You can also involve yourself as a parent by being their coach or assistant coach on a team that they join.

Learning New Skills

A final thing that you can share with your kids as a single dad is to show them how to do the things that you’re good at. For example, if you know how to fix things around the house, then invite them to learn with you the next time you are putting together a kitchen cupboard or putting up a shelf on the wall for example.