How to Have Family Fun in the Garden

What is the point of having a garden if you don’t enjoy it? Gardening is ideal for bringing the family together to produce something healthy and beautiful. But, what is the best way to get everyone involved? Here are a few tips for family fun in the garden.

Design Your Garden for Easy Enjoyment

If you have the space, try to allow room for walkways and benches in your garden. You can relax in the serenity of nature’s beauty as the shadows slowly get longer. Installing interesting garden decorative features to gaze at will also help you to unwind, as will the addition of a chiminea to ensure you can enjoy your garden whatever the weather. Gardens are excellent places to sit and enjoy each other’s company or possibly play a board game in the fresh air, so do what you can to enjoy them all year round.

A craft idea that will help every family member feel like they belong among the plants is to collect everyone’s footprints in a round of plaster. Using a pearl craft paint, paint each of the rounds. And, once the paint is dry, you can install the rounds to create a path out of everyone’s footsteps. This will create a lasting memory that the family will always share.

Sometimes You Have to Lure Your Family out

What do some vegetables have on the latest Netflix series or the coolest video games? For most youngsters and spouses, it might be difficult to stay away from screens. However, a tray of oven-fresh cookies and freshly-squeezed lemonade is always enticing. Get your family together in your beautiful garden (which was probably built by the experts at and share your stories. Then, make memories as you plant starts, prune, weed, or harvest. Over time, your family will become invested in the project, and getting them to come outside will become less of a chore.

What if You Live in the City?

You may not have the room for a garden that can fit your family if you live in an urban area. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gardening together. Never underestimate the convenience and beauty of planter boxes, raised garden beds, and pots. Or, you might look into renting a plot in a community garden. Creating a miniature garden will give your whole family a wonderful sense of accomplishment, and you will be amazed at what a little greenery can do in a concrete jungle.

Once you have a harvest, you can carry the family fun into the kitchen. Get the kids involved as you research and cook recipes. You can also teach them how to can and other food preservation methods that will serve them far into their adult years.