Fatherly Love is a Great and noble trait

The love of a father for his children. It is an expression of love and responsibility. It is a great way to demonstrate the love you have for your children. Fathers everywhere share this love with their children. Here are some tips for fathers to express this love with their children.

First, fatherly love is expressed by giving. You give love, shelter, cuddling and even make time for good playtime with your son or daughter. True fatherly love is always unconditional and with no expectation or criticism from your child. True fatherly love recognizes and respects the child’s individuality and freedom to choose for themselves. It respects the child’s ability to decide what is best for them-not you.

Second, Fatherly love expresses itself as a sacrifice. To love your children means to give to them and to make them feel special and loved. To love your son or daughter and to do anything for them is to place yourself in the position of a child. 

Third, a good father should remember that he is not the center of the universe. He is not the author of his own life. God placed you on earth to be a father and husband. If you are neglectful of your wife and children you are not a good father. A father who thinks only of himself will live a poor life. A father who believes that his work is better than his family will be a rich father.

The final two questions are more to do with you and your wife/husband than with your son or daughter. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your spouse and think about what you would want from your husband if you were in his position. Would you want your husband to be a hero to you? Do you want to have two or three meals a week because your husband’s cooking is so much better than yours?

Putting these two questions together makes a big difference. If you are a good father and you give your children everything that you are willing to do, then you are a hero. If not, you need to evaluate how much you are willing to sacrifice for your family. If it is too much, you may just be a very bad father.