Focus on Family: Divorce is not the End, but a New Beginning

Divorces can, at times become a messy affair with neither party willing to come to an agreement. It could also be a rather smooth process, with clear-cut boundaries and terms established to safeguard each partner’s interest. But it’s not the most pleasant experience, especially when you and your partner had shared a close bond which didn’t last..

But let’s move the focus onto you. You’ve consulted a Family Law Attorney AZ, or one from a different place. The papers have all been signed, and now, you’re officially divorced. So … now what? Your marriage may have ended, but your divorce brings the chance for wonderful new beginnings in many areas of your life.

Remember these great points as you move forward with your life after divorce:

Become a more self-confident you

It’s quite natural after divorce to blame yourself, think you somehow just weren’t good enough and focus on your perceived shortcomings. Move past this phase by reminding yourself of all the great qualities you possess.

Are you loving, intelligent, punctual, a good planner or creative? Take the time to write it down and place the list where you can see and read it each day. Keep adding more of your awesome traits as you become aware of them.

This simple exercise can boost your self-confidence, making it easier for you to tackle the uncertainties of life as a new divorcee. If you have children, then your self-assuredness sets a good example for them and makes you better able to help them handle their parents’ separation.

Start reaping the benefits of “me” time

We tend to lose some of our own identity when we are married – that’s just the nature of marriage. Now that you are divorced, the urge to bury yourself in work, or devote all of yourself to your children, could see you losing even more of your individuality and suffering from the ill effects of stress.

For your sake, and the sake of those around you, begin setting aside time just for you. It can be as simple as spending 10 minutes each day in quiet meditation; choosing an evening each week to watch a movie while curled up on the sofa enjoying your favorite snacks; or just some quiet time with a novel before bed.

Making time for yourself serves as an affirmation that you think you are special. It also serves as a de-stressor, leaving you calmer, happier and in a much better position to make a worthwhile contribution to the happiness of those around you.

Bring out your inner financial guru

Divorce brings along a host of overwhelming changes in your life. One definite change you can expect is in the area of finance. For example, if your spouse was the one who handled all the finances before, now it’s all your responsibility – and it’s a great time to learn!

An experienced divorce attorney, like, would have provided solid advice on keeping costs down during your divorce. Now that the separation is finalized, you can apply some of those same principles to tackling day-to-day money matters and long-term financial goals.

It may be rough going at first, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty soon. You might discover that you’re not only good at it but you actually like budgeting, managing your money and being the one who decides what it gets spent on.

Your marriage and divorce proceedings are now behind you. With a commitment to focusing on yourself and personal growth in all areas of your life, you can meet life after divorce with optimism and zeal.