Home Maintenance Tips For Homeowners In Summer

Summer is in full swing, and your home can already feel the heat. Give your family and your property the best chance at comfort by keeping up with the necessary maintenance – perhaps your cooling system for the summer heat, which can be done by companies like AirMax Heating & Cooling Services.

You may be new to homeownership, and knowing what to do to keep your home in good order may not come naturally. Take a moment to read through a quick look at some home maintenance tips you can use to prep your home for the summer weather ahead.

Have your HVAC unit serviced

Your home’s heating and air conditioning system is crucial to the comfort of your household – if you don’t have one yet and are considering it, you could call someone like abrahamac.com/boca-raton/ in to install a unit and enjoy coming into a cool house during the summer (and a warm house in the winter). Of course, everyone knows that if the AC is going to break, it will do so on the hottest day of the year. Don’t neglect such an important element of your comfort, and take good care of your HVAC unit. Also, if your AC doesn’t have an Air Handler, you might want to consider getting one from some reputed HVAC company. When the air handler I is part of the air conditioning unit, it ensures that the treated air reaches all of your home.

You can do your part by changing the internal air filters once per month. Also, call a professional in air conditioning maintenance once per year to come and service your system fully.

Clean out the gutters on your home

You should clean out your gutters at least twice a year, and summertime is one of the best times to make sure everything’s in working order. Make sure your gutters are clean and functioning properly, so the summer rains won’t cause any problems for the foundation of your home.

Broken or clogged gutters on your home can cause water to pool around the foundation. Pooling water can cause damage like cracks or leaks that are very expensive and difficult to manage.

Deep clean the carpets in your home

It’s helpful to deep clean the carpets in your home once per year, especially if you have indoor pets. Your carpets are a breeding ground for dust, dirt, and other allergens.

Regular vacuuming is absolutely helpful, but a deep cleaning once per year will do a lot to maintain the integrity of your carpets. Extend the lifet of the carpet in your home, and take good care of it by shampooing once per year.

Clean out the showerhead

Your home’s showerhead may seem like a part of the house that doesn’t need attention, but there are a few things you can do to keep your showerheads running smoothly. Minerals in the water do build up inside your showerhead over time, and they can cause problems if not cleared.

Check the quality of your deck

Outdoor time is crucial in the summer, and your deck will likely see lots of foot traffic. Take the time at least once per year to check the integrity of the wood on your deck. If any boards feel weak, you can replace them before anyone gets hurt.

Clean out your dryer vent

You may not think about the dryer exhaust, but you should. A clogged up dryer exhaust can cause a fire. Once or twice a year, you should take the time to clear out your dryer exhaust.

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