How to Create the Ultimate Teenage Bedroom

Designing the ultimate bedroom for your teenager can score you countless parent or guardian points. As teenagers don’t usually have any disposable income to speak of, it’s often down to us as parents to provide the supplies to create some interior decor. Working with your teenager to find a look they love will help create a finished room that you are both happy with. Maybe even adding a few surprise items will provide a bit of excitement when the finished bedroom is completed. These neon lights at, for example, might be perfect for personalising your teen’s bedroom in a cool and funky way.


Take note of their interests

Got a teenager that’s going through a Billie Eilish phase? Have they developed a new-found interest in boxing? Making a note of these new passions will ensure that the room you create for them will feel as if it’s tailored to them. Try and figure out whether they love bold colours or would prefer a more neutral style. If you’re making it a surprise for them, pick and choose particular items to put on display that mean a lot to them. Anything else that could be considered as clutter should be put away – try and make the most of storage solutions for this.


Find feature pieces

One seamless way to add flare to a teenager’s room is to find feature pieces that stand out in their own right. After all, your teenager’s room is not going to resemble an IKEA showroom – it should be filled with nicknacks, posters and personal items that speak of their personal interests. Therefore, a few choice items that look elegant or stylish will make their room pop. For example, if you’re after Italian furniture Miami but want to hunt around online first, then companies such as Anima Domus allow you to pick and choose items without committing to a store visit. You could choose either a striking lampshade, a desk that is stylishly kitted-out or a bed that creates a comfortable centrepiece.


Don’t neglect their study area

Whichever age your teenager is at, during the course of their school years they will need to take time to study and complete homework. While some kids revel in the idea of working hard and competing, other teenagers are serial procrastinators – or they may even loathe the idea of studying. Therefore, it’s important not to neglect their desk. Keep it fun, quirky, and make it an inviting place to work hard.


Start by learning their desk: the most inviting place to work is one that’s not cluttered or overwhelmed with objects that should really be in the garbage. Then, take a look at their room: what would look great on their desk? Would a globe look too grandiose or become part of a theme? Could they use a really cool desk lamp? What if you moved a photo frame of them and their friends to the desk? All of these features will make their place to study feel like home, and be far less of a drag.


Styling your teenager’s room should be a fun and exciting project. Letting them help you pick out furniture and implement their own style is a way of letting them explore their creativity.