How to Make Wedding Planning Easier When You Have Kids

If you have kids already and plan on getting married, it can be an exciting as well as chaotic process. This is especially true if you’ll be blending families and creating a new home for them. Planning a wedding with kids isn’t easy as it’s one more thing to add to your to-do-list, but it is possible to get through it in one piece. Here are some tips for planning your wedding day when you have children.

  • Budget

Budgeting is extremely important when you’re planning a wedding and have kids. You want to be sure that you still have savings and maintenance money when the wedding is over, so you don’t start your new life financially strained. Continue reading to find tips on budgeting for your wedding.

Pick a Realistic Amount: When deciding how much you’re going to spend, be realistic. You may need to do research beforehand to ensure you know the estimated cost of each item and whether it’s something you can afford without going into debt. Do a cost breakdown so you don’t leave anything out.

Pay Gradually: If you’re one of the lucky people who has given yourself ample time to plan your wedding, you don’t have to pay for everything in one go. Paying for each item over time can make managing your finances far easier and release pressure too.

Consider post-wedding costs: When budgeting, think about the expenses you have to pay for after the wedding. This could be moving costs if you’ll be migrating to a new home or honeymoon expenses if you have one planned.

  • Choose an All-Inclusive Venue

When choosing a venue with your partner, make life easier by choosing a venue that comes with the essentials already. This means instead looking for a venue, hiring a mobile bartending service and hunting for a caterer, or looking for a venue that does it all. The corner house pub in Windsor, for instance, is perfect for a wedding reception as they offer a surround sound system if you want to play music from your phone, food and drinks, and a wonderfully cheerful atmosphere.

  • Get the Kids Involved

Depending on how old your kids are, they may have mixed feelings about you getting married. Firstly, have a conversation with them and discuss what implications you getting married will have on them. Tell them what will change and also give them a sense of security by letting them know what’s going to stay the same. You should also include them in the planning process so they feel like it’s their big day too. They could do simple things like choose songs on the playlist or desserts on the menu. It is also common practice to have them leading the wedding procession if they’re relatively young, so prepare them for that too.

  • Plan for After the Wedding

While planning your wedding, you should be thinking about what’s going to happen afterwards. This is important as your kids need stability. For instance, if you’re a newly blended family, your partner may be moving in, so perhaps get your kids used to this by having more frequent sleep overs and incorporating them into your routine. If not much will be changing after your big day, then just focus on enjoying your wedding.