Important Details of Family Separation

It can be a challenging situation when adults decide to separate, particularly when there are other family members like children involved. But beyond that initial decision, there are a number of legal and practical issues that may require the help of a legal professional such as Jennifer Croker or a similar family lawyer to be resolved. So even if parents think that the decision to separate was complicated, further issues can get even stickier.

There are the issues of property division, custody arrangements, child support, and even family emotional well-being after the separation that all have to be considered. Even though none of these reasons should prevent people from separating if it’s a sensible decision, that doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be the easiest thing to do ever.

Property Division

For the topic of property division, when adults separate it can be quite complicated. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to call a property division lawyer to make sure that arrangements are done correctly. There’s the value of the house to split. There’s the value of property. There is the value of cars, clothes, jewelry, furniture – all of these things need to be mathematically calculated into a central concept and then divided in an amicable way between all of the interested parties.

Custody Arrangements

Parents also have to make custody arrangements. Children may or may not be at different ages where they feel closer to a certain parent or the other. But, the logistics may suggest that custody arrangements aren’t exactly what a child wants, or even what a parent wants. That’s when sometimes having a third-party advocate or lawyer in the equation makes the most sense. Someone needs to be able to look at the situation from the outside and decide what’s best for the children, the parents, the financial situation, and many of those other details.

Child Support

Beyond custody arrangements, there is the matter of figuring out who has to pay child support. Traditionally, the parent who makes the most money will pay additional child support, but that can change depending on the custody arrangements. Again, it helps to have a reasonable judge figure out how money and time should move around in everyone’s best interests.

Emotional Wellbeing

After separation, there may be lots of feelings of anxiety throughout the family. That’s why signing up to go to family counseling during and after divorce is a good idea. Even if it’s just to talk out some normal issues and troubles that people go through when their lives diverge, having that organized and safe space to bring up specific topics of conversation is very important for the healing process. Especially if children are having trouble with the idea of their parents separating, a family counseling session can open up the air to express various grievances.