Jessica Jones Easter Eggs Only a True Fan Would Notice!

One of the most well received TV adaptations of a comic book hero in a long time, Marvel’s small screen take on the Daredevil/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Iron Fist/Defenders storyline has been a smash hit for streaming service Netflix. When adapting characters to TV, producers have to walk the line between making it accessible and doing the fans justice. Thankfully, the fan service in Jessica Jones is through the roof! Much like with any other part of the MCU, as a helpful resource can tell you. In the meantime though, take a look at just a handful of great little references only true Jessica Jones fans would notice!

Thanks to Paddy Power Slot Games for this piece!

Mr. Purple

David Tenant’s character Kilgrave appears as Jessica’s tormentor/former lover throughout the series. His ability to control people against their will plays a huge part of the series. However as a little nod to the original “Purple Man” Kilgrave is often lit in purple, or seen wearing purple suits as a throwback to the comics.

Luke Cage’s Yellow T-Shirt

In keeping with the colour theme, Jessica’s love interest is seen in the first episode wearing his infamous mustard yellow shirt, a nod to the original character, and the comic books!

Black Panther

Although the two characters never actually cross-paths, there’s a very subtle nod to King T’Challa in the series. A glimpse of an image on a computer screen shows a young girl in a black basketball jersey with the team name “Panthers” emblazoned across it. Only subtle, but enough of a hint for fans to pick up on!

The Avengers

The biggest superstars in the MCU, it would be difficult to place a series in the same version of New York and not mention the earth’s mightiest heroes at least once! In episode 3, we hear a radio caller mention “those guys who saved the city”. No guesses for who they’re referring to!

The Avengers Again

Whilst out for a drink with Jessica in episode 3, Luke Cage makes a subtle reference to “the big green dude and his crew”, clearly a reference to Bruce Banners Hulk.

The Avengers…Again!

In episode 5, we see a young boy in a passing scene running through the park dressed in full Captain America colours, shield included! Whether he’s off to save the day is a different matter!

Stan Lee

Of course, no Marvel film or show is complete without a nod to the man himself, Stan Lee. Stan has featured as a cameo in almost every single Marvel Cinematic outing since the early Hulk films, and this series is no different. In Episode 7, we see a framed picture of a police offer in the police station, played by none other than Stan Lee himself!

Nod to Daredevil

Matt Murdoch’s friend, and now Marvel TV regular Nurse Clare appears in episode 13, and utters the line “I have a friend like you and Luke, I could reach out to him, he might help” Clearly a reference to the Daredevil. A clear foreshadowing of the two teaming up in Marvels Defenders later on in the story line!

What were your favourites? And did you notice anything we missed? Let us know!