Keeping Your Furniture Looking New With Kids And Pets Around

When you have children of any age (and sometimes a husband of any age) it can be difficult to keep your home clean. Not only does your carpet often look as though it’s covered in mud and lint at all hours of the day, but your furniture and tables get some wear and tear as well. Unless you ban shoes, make sure no one eats in the living room, and also keep your table in the dining room covered at all times, there is really no way to completely protect your furniture.

However, there are ways that you can try to keep your home more on the clean side, though it may take a little elbow grease. Here are some tips to keep a neater and cleaner home, but you may want to start by getting your carpet cleaned by companies like Technique Carpets and Floors and then scotch guarding it (or by buying one that is already treated to avoid stains).

Leather Furniture

If you have leather furniture you may find it easier to clean up some things, and harder for others. A simple spill won’t soak right in so you can clean it up quick and be less likely to experience stains (unless it’s white leather, which is a no-no for people with kids anyway). But you do need to know how to properly care for this piece of furniture, which is the only way to avoid ending up with it dry and cracking.

There are creams and stuff that you can polish your leather furniture with. You also don’t want to wash it with water, which could be bad for it.

Chair And Couch Covers

Your leather couch, or any other type of couch or furniture, can be protected in other ways as well. You could invest in some chair and/or couch covers to protect them from spills and stains. These can easily be removed and washed when needed. They are something you can buy or even make on your own.

If you have pets you really want to invest in this kind of furniture protection if you don’t want pet hair stuck in the creases of everything. Sure, you can vacuum pet hair from furniture, you still can’t get deep down in.

Protecting Tables

Tables are another thing that needs protection. Your dining table may always have a cloth on it, but how are you protecting end tables and coffee tables? If you have a cheaper style table one spill can easily warp it.

You could use doilies or fancy cloth placemats for partial protection, especially on smaller end tables or even bedside tables. This will help protect some from spills and even from dust. You also want to clean often, even when they are covered (if something gets spilled it could have soaked through).