Is Your Kid Interested in Dirt Bikes? Here’s How You Can Support Them

Some kids like to play soccer, some like to play basketball and some would rather spend their days playing video games or reading books. Every kid is unique in their own way. Considering what has just been said, there are also kids that are simply crazy about dirt bikes. Many motocross lovers claim that the motocross bug bites early and that we should learn how to embrace it. This is just a sport and you shouldn’t be worried, moreover, you should try and do everything you can to support your child! Do you want to learn how? Take look below.

Find a track

You should learn that there are two basic types of motocross racing for children. Those are outdoor and indoor motocross. Of course, the vast majority of outdoor tracks are only open seasonally because of the weather, but there are some that operate during the winter too. Indoor tracks, however, offer more technical courses since they feature tight corners and close-together jumps. Don’t worry if your child is a beginner, these will help them build important skills. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is some research to find a track that will fit both you and your kid best. When considering which track to choose, have two things in mind – the safety of your child and the amount of fun they potentially might have there.

Buy the right dirt bike

Finding a track and good people who run it is one part of the job, another part of the job is finding the right bike for your kid. Of course, many tracks even rent out their bikes so that you don’t have to deal with transportation issues, but you know that your child probably wants their own bike. So, if you are willing to provide them with that satisfaction, you should know this before buying. Dirt bikes that are suitable for children aged 6 or under are usually those 50cc bikes. It doesn’t matter if it’s for motocross or off-road. It will do just fine. Many parents opt for the KTM 50SX Mini if their kid is into racing. Then you also have a bit stronger dirt bikes that are considered an upgrade from a 50cc one. The 70 and 80cc range should be considered upon the completion of the beginner course. Those dirt bikes are fine for children aged 7 – 10. And when your kid becomes more experienced and older (10 and older) you can start looking into the 85cc to 150cc ranges. These bikes are similar to the 250 and 450cc ones when it comes to size, but obviously, they are nowhere near as strong. Last but not least, make sure that you find a good mechanic or a shop that will always have quality dirt bike parts should the need arise. Every bike needs maintenance now and then and some parts are meant to be replaced after some mileage.


Make sure that your child gets enough practice before the actual race day. Many tracks have professional personnel that are always more than willing to teach young riders the ins and outs of the sport. Usually there are days set up just for practice on the track and they won’t cost much. So, make sure that your child gets all the training they need and then stay committed to the cause; staying committed is where some parents have issues. It’s not difficult to find a track and transport the bike. Also, most tracks will let your child ride in a beginner class on any bike they have in an age-appropriate class. They allow this because they know that your child needs that all-important experience.

Safety gear

Safety is of the utmost importance, so you cannot be stingy when buying the safety gear. Prepare to buy a helmet, a chest protector, gloves and boots. These items are essential (and they are the bare minimum) for a safe ride. It is also recommended that you buy a neck roll since it is a useful item that doesn’t cost too much. Also, many overlook the importance of good gloves. Provide your child with a pair of comfortable gloves because you can never know when the fall will happen and you certainly don’t want your kid to hit the ground hands first without any protection whatsoever. Also, when buying a helmet, check the rating on it. There are Snell and DOT ratings and they stand for safety standards that certify the helmet is rated for the intended use. Last but not least, goggles come in handy on muddy tracks. The vision of your child on the track has to be immaculate.


Dirt bikes are awesome since they provide your child with tons of fun through dynamic and fast-paced rides. So, don’t be lazy and make it happen. Pack some food and snacks, prepare the bike and take your child to the track. You’ll be the best parent ever!