The Best Musicals, Ranked

Finding family-fun nights out that everyone will enjoy equally can be a challenge. Or, perhaps, you want to enjoy a classy night out with your partner on your one date day of the week (or month). In either case, musicals are the way to go. A combination of epic storytelling and fun songs, musicals are everything that is right with art today. All that you need to do is choose which one you want to treat yourself to, and with this guide of the best musicals, you can’t go wrong:

1.   The Book of Mormon

Two missionaries are sent to Uganda and end up causing trouble while converting the Ugandans to the Mormon religion. The Book of Mormon is a fun, upbeat comedy, and the musical is well reviewed and an absolute treat to enjoy.

2.   Wicked

You all know the story of Dorothy and the Wicked Witch, but now it’s time to finally understand what made that Witch so wicked in the first place. This tale is absolutely charming, heartbreaking, and breathtaking, with some incredible performances that you will remember for years. A great treat for kids, it has some great lessons to take home with you. Just remember to show them the original story before you go!

3.   Disney’s the Lion King

The Lion King by Disney is one of the most beloved, cherished movies of all time. It has loss, it has heartbreak, it has great music and lovable characters. It is an epic of its time and one that has been recreated beautifully for the stage. With incredible costumes, puppets, and singing, you and your children will have an unforgettable experience.

4.   Les Misérables

This musical is certainly for older audiences, so teenagers to adults. It is one of strife and goodwill. It is overcoming the obstacles. Set in France during the revolution, it has war, chase scenes, love, and despair. It is a world-renowned musical for a reason, and an absolute must to go to. We promise the stage performance is miles better than the movie.

5.   Phantom of the Opera

The story of the Phantom of the Opera is one that is breathtaking, with singing performances that take flight on stage. The sets are glamorous, the story is captivating, and overall there is nothing about this movie you will forget any time soon.

Once you choose which of these top five musicals you would love to see (either by yourself, with a date, or with the whole family) all that is left is to get your musical theatre tickets. Check regularly on comparison sites and be aware of flash-deals. Some theatres offer a selection of discount ticket prices in a bid to allow more people into their theatres who otherwise couldn’t afford the show on a regular basis.

Whatever your taste, there is a musical to captivate you. Make it a regular habit, or treat yourself, but whatever you do try to see these top five musicals at least once in your life.