Pepsi’s New Campaign

Pepsi’s new advertisement featured Kendall Jenner. The new pub has attracted many negative critics worldwide, however there are many people who liked the advert. There was a survey done lately and 2,000 people were said to give their opinion about the advert. Surprisingly 44% of the people rather appreciated and liked the advert, and it encouraged them to buying that brand.

Filmed in Bangkok from “Pepsi’s Live for Now moments” campaigns, it starts with a protest of youngsters carrying signs mentioning “Be part of the conversation” and “Love”. The march keeps going on, and goes through a photoshoot where the Keeping Up With The Kardashians actress, is posing in a silver dress with a blonde wig. A young protester which makes gestures to ask her to join the march, catches her attention. The 21 years old star leaves away her make-up and her wig, and joins the crowd to be part of them. While they walk, there is a line-up of police officers closing the road down. However, Kendall has the solution, she offers a Pepsi to one of the officers, and it breaks the tension when the officer cracks a smile. As the officer opens the can and drinks a sip of the beverage, the crowd start clapping while Jenner throws her fist in the air. The advert was badly welcomed as it was accused of using social justice movement to sell their soft drinks, instead of portraying the reality of things. Critics and negative comments towards this new advert were posted by social media users throughout the world.

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Finally, the poll stated that the controversial advert was seen as favourable by 28% of the people. The advert has been officially removed from all platforms by Pepsi, but they have justified themselves by saying that their only message was that of understanding, peace and unity, instead of fake reality.For her part, Kendall Jenner has not given her point of view yet, but she deleted her posts on social media in regards to this advert.

Despite the good aspects of the advert, it had to be removed, but it has increased the sales of Pepsi favourably worldwide.