The Best Personalized Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

There are no two Dads alike, which unfortunately means that there’s no single ‘perfect gift’ to treat yours with this coming Father’s Day. But fear not. While finding a good gift can indeed take time and effort, there are plenty of simple present ideas that can be personalized for maximum practicality and decorativeness for your particular Dad – whether he’s stern or immature, into cars or into football. Show how much you appreciate the uniqueness of your Dad with one of these customizable gift ideas!

Coffee Cup

Regardless of whether your Dad spends his working day in an office or on a construction site, it’s always nice to know he’s got something with him to remind him of home, and custom mug printing allows you to do just that. Personalizing a mug with images or quotes he’ll enjoy is a great present for Father’s Day for that exact reason! After all, this mug could well be something he ends up seeing every time he has his morning coffee for years to come. Choose something representative of his personality or interest, and this mug will make for a thoughtful yet budget-friendly gift.

Poker Set

From the saloon bars of the Wild West to the glamorous casinos of Jazz Age America, poker has always been a game symbolic of manhood. Whether your Dad is the one to regularly host the ‘boys’ poker night’ or whether he’s more of an online player, a high quality and decorative poker set is a nice thing for anyone to own. Never mind the boring metallic cases with plastic chips that you so often find wasting away in people’s basements – why not treat your Dad to a hand-crafted wooden poker set with a personalized name or quote engraving? Or, if you’re pretty handy in the workshop yourself, you could build an entire poker table for under $300.

BBQ Apron

Remind your Dad of how much you appreciate his unrelenting determination in bringing out the grill each summer and serving up burgers to the family. Treat him to a personalized barbeque apron! One option is to get (or make) a heavy-duty and durable apron full with convenient pockets and compartments – but you could also give this practical gift a personal touch by having his name sewn in or printed on the fabric. When the barbeque finally gets going this summer, nobody will be in doubt that your Dad is the most serious grillmaster around.


Chocolates and candy tend to be regarded as more of a Mother’s Day gift, which is simply not fair on all the Fathers with a sweet tooth. You may wonder how to personalize a batch of sweet treats? By making your own unique recipe for your Dad! Combine his favourite flavours, liqueurs and nuts to create the ultimate personalized cookie recipe just for him. From Whiskey Praline Pecan Cookies to Butterscotch Brandy Biscuits – there are tons of scrumptious combinations you can create to show your love on Father’s Day. He’ll also appreciate the effort you went to – especially if you’re not usually known to be much of a baker.

Device Cover

If you’re Dad’s not too old to be a technophobe, and on the contrary spend a lot of time glued to his phone or tablet, then treat him to a stylish and personalized cover. Not only is this a practical gift (it will protect his laptop, phone or tablet from scratches and sudden impact), it will let him show off his family, his favourite sportscar or his favourite football team whenever and wherever he carries his device.

Shaving set

For some men, a shaving kit is a very personal, and valued, thing. If your Dad is one of those who takes his facial hair care seriously, then treat him to the equipment he deserves. Plenty of shaving stores offer the option of ‘building your own kit’ to include the most appropriate tools for each individual. Present your Father with a high quality set of shaving equipment for shaping moustaches, trimming beard, or achieving the clean shaven look. You could make it even more special by presenting it in a old-fashioned artisan wooden box or leather bag.

Is your Dad a classical rock fan? Does he drink beer? Cliches don’t arise out of nowhere – if he’s anything like most Dads, the answer to both questions will be yes. A unique and interesting idea for a Father’s Day gift is to design coasters, or placemats, based on his favourite albums and musical artists. Round coasters can be made to look like vinyls or CDs, while square coasters can easily be made to look like album covers.


If your Father dresses smart for business or likes to wear a nice suit for special occassions, he deserved some equally fitting cufflinks. There are plenty of places online that, if you’ve got some money to spend, will let you submit your own cufflink design and choose the materials from which you want them made. For a low-cost alternative, submit a personal image to printed onto square or oval cufflinks for your Dad. Present them in a fine box, and this gift will be equal parts sophisticated and thoughtful.

The phrase “it’s the thought that counts” is especially true when it comes to presents for our parents. It’s difficult to go wrong with a Father’s Day gift if you put thought into what you get him – and there’s nothing like giving back to someone whose support and love you may have taken for granted as a kid.