Picking The Right Dog For Your Family

When it comes to picking a pet for your family dogs are probably number one on the list. They are fun, make great companions, and they feel like part of the family, but they also take a lot of work. There are many breeds of dogs out there, and what breed you opt for should be one of the major decisions in choosing a dog for your family. This is not only for the fact that each breed has a different set of physical and personality traits, but also to prepare for some health conditions they may be prone to as well. For example some bigger dogs like Labradors and German Shepherds might eventually end up with ailments such as hip dysplasia. In this situation you need to research advice on how to deal with this and what you might need to be prepared for.

Some dogs are more prone to anxiety, while others are more prone to worse health issues (like hip dysplasia), and some even eat more than others. All dogs come with a very big price tag, even if you get a free puppy or adopt a mixed breed from the shelter.

Size Matters

When it comes to investing in a dog the size says a lot about the dog, in many ways. Smaller dogs can often have bigger fears (of getting stepped on), and you want to make sure dogs of any size have a good temperament if you’re going to let your kids be alone with them. Bigger dogs can seem more aggressive, even if they aren’t. Many larger dog breeds have problems with their hips, called hip dysplasia, which can make it difficult for them to walk as they get older.

Size also matters when it comes to food and medicine. Bigger dogs eat more food so you’ll be buying bigger bags of food and more food on a steady basis. Plus, many veterinary medicines are given by dog weight, so you’ll be spending more on their heartworm meds and other preventative care measures.

How Much Money Do You Want To Spend?

Speaking of veterinary care, this is another important part of dog ownership and can be another expensive part. If you aren’t taking your dog to the vet on a regular basis to get their vaccinations and regular check-ups then you may find that they don’t spend as many years in your life as they could. Veterinary care is important to the life of the domestic dog.

A simple visit to the vet, just for a once over, can cost close to a hundred bucks, so keep that in mind when determining whether a dog is the right pet, and what type of dog you want (some are more prone to illnesses than others, so research breeds before you pick one).

On top of all the food, preventative veterinary visits, and possibly dog health issues, you also need all the basic care items that make your dog happy to be part of your family. You’re going to need a color and a leash, toys (no matter what age the dog is toys allow them another way to interact with the humans in their life), a doggy bed, and maybe even a dog house or a fence for your backyard.