Preparation Musts for the Big Meeting

So, you’re travelling to a business meeting, one that is very important. It may be abroad or in a different city, and you need to be there in advance to make sure you’re ready. You also need to prepare, as this could be the make or break meeting that furthers your career or seals an important and lucrative deal. It’s a scenario that many a businessman or woman has found themselves in, and it’s one that can lead to last-minute nerves! We considered the essential items that you should take with you on your business trip, and after much debate, we believe you might be surprised by a couple of them. Let’s gave a look:

A Quality Laptop Bag – your laptop is bound to be essential – even if just for pre-meeting preparation – and you need a good, sturdy and protective bag to carry it in. There are specialist backpacks designed for laptops, and they are very much affordable and versatile. Look for one with a lockable security system, for added protection.

Your Smartphone – in the last-minute rush to get everything together, it is all too easy to forget the most obvious items. Make your smartphone the first item you pack – or slip it in your pocket – as it is absolutely essential. Nobody, whether on business or not, should go travelling without a fully charged phone (don’t forget the charger!) as you never know when you might need to make a call, or take an important call relevant to the meeting.

A Travel Guide – you may be travelling for business, but we reckon you should take a little time to yourself to get to know the place you are visiting. It not only gives you something to do in your spare time – should you be lucky enough to find any – but it is relaxing so you will be refreshed and ready when the meeting begins.

A Travel Iron – now, this is one you may not have thought of, and it’s no surprise! However, we reckon a travel iron to be an absolutely essential item for business travellers. After all, you want to look smart and presentable when you get to the meeting, so being able to iron your clothes in your hotel room is a great bonus. We found a great review of the top ten quality travel iron models at, where you can also find reviews of many other items for travelling, plus household goods, fitness items, gadgets and more. It’s worth a look as these travel irons are very neat devices, which will take up very little room in your luggage.

The above are just a few of our ideas for things you need to take with you when travelling for business, and you probably have your own to add to that list. Preparation is the key to a successful presentation, and careful thought and consideration too, so good luck with the meeting, whatever it may be, and enjoy your travelling too.