Puffing Politely: Ways to Not Be That Annoying Vaper in the Corner

Using electronic cigarettes has become very popular in recent years, especially after more and more cities, states and countries have been cracking down on the use of traditional tobacco in public places.

More and more often, people are switching to vaping as a way to still get the nicotine they want without all of the dangerous chemicals that can be found in traditional cigarettes. Combine this with public cigarette smoking bans and vaping has seen big growth. But you still need to be courteous when you vape in public, so here are a few guidelines you can follow so you’re not that annoying vaper in the corner.

Find Out the Policy

With smoking bans being enforced more and more, you may find it hard to find a bar, restaurant or nightclub that allows people to smoke, But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use an electronic cigarette.

One of the big reasons behind tobacco bans has been the risks of secondhand smoke, but vaping only releases water vapor, so many establishments may not frown upon your use of an electronic cigarette. You should, however, ask about their policy if you don’t see anyone else smoking or vaping. They may have their own reasons for not allowing electronic cigarettes, so be respectful of their wishes and vape outside, or wait until you leave to do so.

In any situation where you are unsure if vaping is okay, you should ask. It only takes a second and it will prevent you from annoying anyone else around you.

Place to Avoid Vaping

There are a few general places you should avoid vaping if you want to be courteous, even if the overall policy is that you may vape.

You may want to refrain from vaping in restaurants, as this can ruin other people’s enjoyment of their food. Vaping in confined places without good ventilation is should also be frowned upon, as the vapor can cause discomfort for some people if they are in it for too long. Also, never vape in someone’s car or home unless they tell you it’s okay.

There are also places where vaping is never allowed, such as movie theaters, airplanes, federal buildings and public transportation. If you’re ever in one of these places, keep your device in your pocket and don’t use it.

Choose Good Eliquid

There are thousands of different flavorings for your electronic cigarette (like these from Element eliquid) and you may prefer some “odd” flavors, but try not to use any exotic flavors that can disturb others when you’re in public.

Sticking with your basic flavorings — traditional, fruity ones — will go a long way in not making you seem like a jerk to those around you, even if vaping is allowed. Look for subtle flavors to vape in public and save your nacho-cheese flavoring for when you’re at home. However, if you are someone who prefers vaping marijuana, you might also want to learn more about how much herb your vape bowl holds and how to pack the bowl properly, to be a little extra cautious and polite while smoking in public. That way, make sure you don’t cause any discomfort to the people around you.

Always be courteous to others when vaping in public. Remember these tips and you won’t be that annoying vaper!