Redesign your Bathroom on a Budget

Redesigning a room takes plenty of time and thoughtful planning, but it doesn’t always have to cost you a fortune. Bathrooms are somehow always the last ones on the list to remodel, because it’s so small and inconspicuous. Nevertheless, you will have to dedicate your time to it eventually, and when you decide to do it, you could redesign an entire bathroom without breaking the bank. If there’s anything that you know you’re not confident with, it’s always best to call in the experts, like the team at Nance Services (, to do the job well and get a professional finish that will last.

Save Some Money on Tiles

Changing tiles tends to cost a lot of money, andthis is especially true for those who call a professional to do it. Therefore, if you’re redesigning on a budget, tile just the floor and paint the rest of the bathroom. Furthermore, sometimes you just can’t resist getting artistic tiles, which tend to be very expensive. So, if you use those chic tiles as accent pieces and cover the rest of the wall with those more affordable ones, you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune on remodelling.

Paint the Bathroom

The most effective and affordable way to give your bathroom a new, refreshed look is to repaint it completely. However, it will take more time than you initially expected, even though it may seem otherwise. Bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, but that doesn’t make it any less complicated to remodel. With so many fixtures, a window, switch plates, the floor and corners, you’ll have to be very careful when you finally get to painting. Furthermore, bear in mind that bathrooms come with a lot of moisture, so invest in high quality paint. The ones with satin finish would be a great choice, as well as the special ones for the ceiling that will fight mould efficiently.

Upgrade Fixtures

A new toilet or walk-in bathtub like you can look here to see, alongside a fancy sink can make a big difference in your bathroom. It can make you feel as if you’ve had the whole bathroom remodelled. Therefore, to turn your bathroom into a little oasis, you should be sure to invest in some new, high-quality, yet equally affordable fixtures, similar to those that you can find at Acqua Bathrooms. Don’t forget about the drawer pulls, towel racks, and skin faucets. When it comes to towel racks, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them, but you could use the old plumbing instead. Just paint over it with the colour that complements your bathroom design and you can save a lot of money. Furthermore, invest in a new set of light fixtures as well. Call your local electrician oakleigh (or where it is local to you) to get them installed properly.

DIY Sink Pedestal

Granite countertops are a huge trend right now, which automatically means they cost a lot. Therefore, if you want a stylish countertop for a decent amount of money, you should try to repurpose your old dresses, and turn it into a sink pedestal. If you cut out the top of the dresser, remove the interior drawers and cut several holes in the back to fit the plumbing, all you’ll have to do is place a sink on top of it and you’ll get a fabulous new pedestal.

Don’t Forget About Caulk and Grout

Perfection lays in details, that’s why you should always look at the smallest parts of the bathroom design when you decide to give it a makeover. If the grout and caulk became grimy, it will look appalling, so be sure to pay special attention to it. Clean the grout, add new clean lines of caulk around the sink and tub, and watch the bathroom sparkle again.

Final Thoughts

Remodelling a bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you can do it by yourself quickly. Just be sure you don’t splurge on fancy tiles, but paint the bathroom with quality satin finish paint, invest in new fixtures and make something yourself if you’re crafty at DIY projects.