What A Single Dad Wants In A New Relationship

This article is just for you If you are preparing yourself to get into a relationship with a single day then, although single dads are not much demanding and you can expect some maturity while dating a single dad but still there are a few common demands that he expects you to understand and accomplish. Sure, they still have the same wants and desires as every other person but there are differences along the way. Some single dads will go slowly, whilst others may use pheromones for men, for example, to attract a mate to them, however, this depends on the stage they are at and their own feelings as a single dad, so it is best to take a step back and see where they are at.

I have been an Afro-American single dad and I understand the expectation of single daddies. It took me 3 years to find a new mother for my two wonderful kids, and why does it took so long? Finding a new partner took 3 years because I was searching a partner at the wrong place, then I took help of some black dating sites to choose from to enhance my search radius.

First, let’s go through the benefits of dating a single dad

  • You can expect a lot of maturity from him, he can handle your needs and love you selflessly.
  • Instead of thinking that whole universe revolves around him, now his whole universe is his family.
  • He is not in a hookup mood; he has passed his age of doing hookups and parties. Now he is in pursuit of completing his family again and looking for a perfect life partner who can take care of him and his kids
  • He is good in money management; most of the single daddies are well settled and earning well to raise his family. He is matured enough to manage his money well and secure the future.
  • If you are searching for a responsible partner then you should consider dating a single dad, they have transformed themselves to be matured and responsible person, while in their journey to raise their kids they have developed some extraordinary sensitivity and listening skills.

Let’s discuss what the expectations of most single dads are.

Just slow down

He is not an ordinary boy next door who’s testosterone is at its peak and all he could imagine is to get laid as soon as possible. A single dad is a responsible person who is looking for someone who can satisfy his mental need. Expect him to take his time in order to get involved in any relationship.

Love our children

Love and affection for their kids is a way to the heart of single daddies, his kids are on highest priority and he is looking for someone who can love his kids as much he does.

If you are looking for a matured and caring person in your life then you won’t find someone better than a single day, but in return, you will also be expected to act humble and affectionate towards his family.

No short-term hookups, please

He is not a Fuc**r boy that you dated in your graduation days, he is a fully matured guy who is looking for serious business. The most he probably does is watch videos on Cartoon Porno on a Saturday night, but if anything this would just show he’s open to trying new things in the bedroom!

You can expect some great listening skills

The journey from being single to marrying someone and then becoming a father to becoming a single father has helped him developing tremendous listening skills.


You will be expected to be sensitive enough to raise his kids as yours, you will be required to stay sensitive towards his kid’s problems and demands.


One of the key skill that he is surely going to examine is your level of responsibilities, how responsible you are to fulfill family demands are on top priority.


Most of the divorces happen because of the differences in priorities, single dad complaint that most of the women they met across had selfish nature. They are looking for a woman who can keep his family on her top priority.


Dating a single daddy can be lot different experience than dating a single boy, they have different priorities and different skill sets.

Every talent comes with its cost.

Through their journey to life, they have come across some drastic changes in their behavior and have developed some impeccable skills, but impressing a single daddy will expect you to undergo many trials but the end result is going to be worth it.