Single Dads: A Few Tips to Meet the Financial Challenges

One of the biggest challenges that you may face as a single dad might as well be regarding your finances. No, we aren’t really saying that every single mom or dad out there has consistently failed to meet their unique budgeting challenges. However, there might as well be times when you find yourself staring at a pile of bills and an empty bank balance.

You might as well turn to fast online loans from Lendgreen to tide over immediate financial needs. However, you cannot really go on to resort to these services every time you are facing financing troubles. It’s true that they are easily accessible-(i.e. very easy approval process and transferred to your account within 24 hours). But you cannot really rule out the factor that these loans do carry high rates of interest. The key is to ensure that you are actually picking up a few finance management hacks – the essentially “long-term” ones that will help you meet short-term financial emergencies as well. Documented below are details.

Tick the pros first

Don’t really rule out the positives of having to manage your finances all by yourself. The very first thing that you should realize is that you have firm control over your finances. There is nobody else with whom you have to argue regarding your finances-i.e. who contributes how much, whether the extra earnings should be saved or invested, whether a big purchase should be made or not etc. You are a single parent now. So, it can well be assumed that your accounts are completely separate from that of your partner’s and you are in a position to decide everything that happens with your money. So, your financial planning starts right from there. Knowing that things can be brought completely under your control with a little bit of effort from your end, does end up making quite a lot of difference.

Learn how to budget

It’s more important for single dads, who were not really used to budgeting or planning their finances when they were with their respective partners. It has been opined that single dads do not really find it difficult to budget when it comes to basics like food, rent and utility bills. However, the real problem crops up when it comes to additional expenses like taking their kids to museums and movies. It is important on your end to plan out your additional finances as well. For instance, you can always skip movies in the month when you have already taken a trip or two to the museum or any other entertainment center. Be on your strongest guard against spending too much on video games.

Also, hiring a financial advisor can solve a lot of problems. With their professional experience they can help you with budgeting, expenses, savings, and creating a solid monetary plan, like Horan Financial Planning for Individuals, which can really be useful. In addition, they can also assist you with other financial issues you might be facing. Finding one isn’t so difficult either; you could simply search for one online.

Once you have hired a professional, they’d be able to give you various solutions for efficient financial planning. For instance, you might need to set saving targets by automating your savings. There are several banks that actually offer savings as well e-savings accounts. You can always go on to set up smaller weekly targets for yourself. You don’t really have to be overwhelmed by the prospect of saving at the onset. Set up small targets in a bid to aim for larger savings.

However, you might not be comfortable handing all your financial information to someone you found off the internet. If that is the case, you might find seminars and conferences near you, hosted by financial companies with the help of marketing tools provided by the likes of LeadJig (you can check out By attending these, you can talk to different advisors and make an informed decision about the one you’d like to choose.

To conclude, it has also been found that single dads don’t have savings accounts in the first place. If you’re one of those dads, then make sure that before taking any financial step – you’re actually opening your savings account at first! Keep the aforementioned tips in view in order to be duly guided.