Smart Power Tools: Innovations in Cordless Technology

Innovation and technology are evolving at a rapid rate and even everyday tools that we have relied on for so long are getting an upgrade, which means that the next time you pick up a cordless power tool there is good chance you notice some exciting new features.

Here is look at how cordless technology has had an impact on power tools. There’s an insight on battery power tools technology, why going brushless is a big leap forward, plus wireless charging and even gyroscopic tools to get your head around.

Resetting the bar

Describing a new technology or a new feature as a game-changer might not always be justified but when you look at the latest power tool technologies, that hype might well be warranted.

Scroll through a list of the latest power tools available from someone like RS Components and you already see that many models are packed with useful and innovative features.

One area where big strides have been made in recent times, for example, is battery technology.

If you are still using NiCd-powered cordless tools or had to go back to that option, you would quickly realize just what a game changer Li-ion battery tech is proving to be. High capacity Li-ion battery packs offer almost double the capacity of their predecessors without weighing anymore, and in many cases, these super-charged battery packs are actually lighter.

Going wireless

Cordless power tools are nothing new but a wireless charging system like the one unveiled by Bosch is a challenge to the industry that could result in a universal charging standard being established.

Wireless charging technology has been developed primarily for industrial applications but it is clear that the option of all of your tools charging themselves wirelessly so that they are always ready to go next time you pick them up, is a technology that could go mainstream.

Going brushless

It is often the case that you put something like a modern cordless power tool in your hand and you don’t always fully appreciate what is going on inside the casing to deliver a better performance.

Another area where technology is making a difference to cordless power tools is the use of brushless motors.

It has been established that brushless motors offer greater levels of efficiency compared to brushed motors, allowing you to enjoy a combination of greater power and a longer runtime. What brushless technology also has the capacity to deliver is some advanced features such as adjustable speed and torque setting for impact drivers, plus anti-kickback sensors for high power drills and specialized speed sequences for enhanced fastening applications.

Intuitive controls

Power cordless tools these days are designed with intuitive controls that can enhance their usability, similar to something like these Makita cordless tools from Elmers Hardware or from a different company. These kind of tools often feature ergonomic designs that can fit comfortably in hand, with controls positioned for easy access and operation.

The intuitive nature of their design allows you to quickly grasp how to operate them, thus reducing the learning curve and increasing efficiency. This intuitive control is particularly useful in tasks requiring precision or speed, as it can enable smoother operation and better handling of the tool.

Overall, the user-friendly design these cordless tools makes them highly practical for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.

Your toolbox is getting a hi-tech makeover and the modern power tools available now bear little resemblance to models from the past, which makes you wonder what other new technologies are in store.