Splish Splash: Big Sexy Inflatables for Pool and Lake Make Summer Fun

It’s okay to admit it; people love inflatable water toys and accessories. The bigger the pool toy the better because we are all obsessed with summer fun and floating luxuriously along.

Famous stars like Taylor Swift, Bella Hadid, John Stamos and Vanessa Hudgens have all taken selfies as they relax on their spectacular pool floats. Lying on these sailing vehicles that are light as a feather is addictive; you don’t get wet. You and your belongings stay in, and the water stays out. It’s a simple and brilliant concept at once.

Who can blame celebrities? Inflatables such as brincolines are a blast and versatile in a ton of ways.

The best thing about these comfy pool toy gliders is in their affordable price, their quality made materials, amusing presence and safely tested features. From young to old, most folks have fun on their tubes and loungers while catching a few rays. There is a pool toy for everyone, from the shape, color, comfort level and function.

For example, the classic beach ball never goes out of style, but there is so much more to add in recreation for your pool. Adults can’t get enough of the amazing beer pong table, or kids enjoy heading down a monster slide. There are also volleyball and polo inflatables to get a group party action going. The young ones also enjoy their own special hideaway in a castle cubby house pool.

Outdoor Buys with Inflatique.com are leaders in the Australian market. If any brand understands the meaning of outdoor leisure, it’s them. They have developed some of the most popular and trending pool toys and accessories for the entire world to try. In addition, the company excels in water recreation beyond the swimming pool, featuring cool stuff for playing or sporting around at the lake, ocean or down the river.

For example, paddle boarding is a must-try, and the numbers don’t lie because the sport has soared in popularity. Just alone in 2015, the outdoor recreation activity lured curious participants; more than 2.5 million people took part in paddle boarding. Many folks prefer the stand up paddle boards Australia for these inflatables’ outstanding features. These include such cool things like the paddle, air pump, backpack and fins.

Paddle boarding is excellent for maintaining a healthy and fit physique for both men and women at various ages. These sturdy stand up inflatables offer the participant a safe, low-impact sport that’s fun and easy to get the hang of.

In addition, paddle boarding is affordable, and you can even take tours to enjoy the water at different areas on the map. Also, stand up paddle boarding helps you burn calories, strengthens a large group of muscles and your core. You get to experience nature and leave your worries at the door, so to speak.

Summertime will always symbolize fun on the water. Pool, lake, river, pond, you name it; inflatable toys and accessories enhance the moment.

Solo or with family, inflatables make it better.