How Technology Is Affecting Our Lives

Over the last 50 years, there have been amazing advances in technology, some of them we are not even aware of in our every day lives. Others have changed the way we live, and nothing has had more of an effect than the advent of smart devices. On a smartphone or tablet, there is not much you cannot do, which is why they often appear to be glued to people’s hands; they are living a portion of their life through them


There is no need to rush to a branch in your lunch hour now or to get there before the bank closes. They all have an app that you can download to your smartphone that lets the customer deal with all their transactions online. You can pay bills, transfer money or shop with them, and always have access to the current balance of your account.

‘iPhone apps sphere’ – Blake Patterson via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


Playing games online has become very popular, particularly in online casinos. You can play anywhere and anytime and, if you need help to know where to start and which casinos are the best, there are plenty of online resources to help you. The one thing that is really important is that you always read the terms and conditions, whether you are in an online casino or playing some other game. Lots of casinos now offer free bets and other promotions; make sure you know what the wagering requirements are before signing up.


All your favorite shops will have online versions, where you can browse their wares without leaving your home. If they have sales or special offers, they will be shown as well, so you will not lose out by shopping online. It also gives you the option to browse goods in different retailers without having to trawl round lots of stores. You can find the best deal for your particular purchase, and they will even deliver it to your front door.


Smart devices have had more of an impact on education than many people realize. You can complete courses for just about anything, including degree courses that are accepted as readily as if you had gone to a physical university to do them. Internet teaching is used a lot in schools for younger students, as they relate to it much more than they do to a blackboard and a piece of chalk.

‘leave your mark’ – Shelby Steward via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The Other Effects Of Technology

These are just four of the areas that technology has affected; there are many more. Technology and medicines go hand in hand, and many advancements in healthcare exist because of new innovations. Cars that tell us if there is a hazard ahead, boats that can calculate speeds even in turbulent waters, and robots that will do our housework or play with the children are all things we would not have dreamt of just a few years ago, yet exist now.

It does make you wonder what new technology will be like after another 20 years, and how our lives will be affected further by it.