That moment when kids want to have a different look in their room

When kids grow up their preferences change. Especially once moving away from “my dad can decide what I like” towards “this is what I want”. When they reach a certain age, it is time for them to decide. Do they want to get rid of their pink wallpaper? Have a cowboy on the wall? As a dad you need to help them out.

What about the current wallpaper?

Using wallpaper remover, you can get rid of the current wallpaper with ease. The wallpaper remover makes the adhesive dissolve, making it possible to remove the whole sheet. Hereby you can remove it fast and easy, keeping a clean wall. Wallpaper remover is available in almost every hardware stores. No need to think about other means and methods that are lab our intensive.

Selecting a new wallpaper

Lots of choices out there… will you go for a simple color or does your kid want a special celebrity or hero? Make sure that you make it future-proof: that special celebrity can be out of your kids mind after a few years. What then? Well, you know the deal… another type of wallpaper! Selecting an option that is sustainable will help you in the long-term.

What happened to the wall?!

Unfortunately, this is what some of us will stumble upon: mould. This especially holds true when the room is on the top floor of the house. Black stains can be present on your wall, but can easily be removed using mould spray. The mould spray can be sprayed on the surface and you will see results in under 30 minutes. Advantage of this spray: you can also use it for other purposes such as tiles, silicon and other surfaces that are present in your house.

Clean the surface and start creating

Once the mould spray has been on for 30 minutes, you can clean the surface. You are now ready to go and can start putting on wallpaper or paint the wall. With the wallpaper remover done and the wall cleaned, you can start fresh.

Let your kid help

You could say that this process is a dad’s job. However, for kids that are over 10 years old, it can be a good lesson to help. They will have more satisfaction with the new look and experience it as fun! When you plan to change the wallpaper, make sure to use wallpaper remover to smoothen the process. Select a future-proof color or wallpaper type and make sure your kid likes the room for years to come. Stumble upon some mould? No worries, products like mould spray are there to solve your problems.