Things You Should Not Miss in Majorca

The best reason (or one of many) reasons to visit the island is for its idyllic beaches and coves caressed by turquoise waters. There are secret beaches the tourists don’t know about so you can enjoy some relaxing time, just you and nature. There are also very popular beaches to people watch and show off that summer bod.

However Majorca is really known for its great variety of landscapes with cliffs and coasts, caves and flat lands. The sparkling jewel of the attraction to Majorca though, is really the charming towns and petite villages that dot the coast. Here are a few off-the-beaten-path places to visit to really see the other side of Majorca and to take your time in private.

All in all, Majorca is a great place to come for a pause, to get away from the commercial tourist scene and really enjoy the local Spanish island culture.


A villa of your dreams.

Amidst all the sightseeing, beach lounging and village hopping you will need a comfortable place to call home. If you reserve a Majorca villa you will not be disappointed. Spend some nights in luxury in your very own private villa. Enjoy a beautiful pool, Have a catered dinner for the whole group on your private terrace under the stars and candle light. Wake up in the morning to a glorious view, throw open the double doors and breathe the fresh island air. No doubt it will be an experience to remember.


Palma, central to adventure.

Palma! The capital of Majorca, and the least touristy city of them all. With an annual average temp of 18 the weather can vary from comfy sweater weather to an enjoyable day at the beach. A convenient reason to visit and stay in Palma for an extended amount of time is that it is fairly central and most locations are only an hours drive. Central to everything makes this city an ideal home base. The greatest reason for foodies to visit Palma is the incredible gastronomy here. The food scene is one of the best in Spain and with a multitude of restaurants serving local and international cuisine you will be sure to have a great meal!


Santa Catalina, fish and imagination.

Santa Catalina, formerly a fishing town before it became trendy, today boasts one of the largest indoor markets in the Spanish islands. Mercat de Santa Catalina is the city’s oldest food market and a must see while you are here. Stroll the cute streets and imagine living in the picturesque apartments above your favourite street side bar.


Cala Figuera, a secret getaway.

Tucked away from the tourists, Cala Figuera is a quiet paradise in mid May when the masses are away. With no overpriced beach it’s not a common spot for the rowdy party crowd to lay waste to the local way of life. That being said, prepare to enjoy fresh fish from the port and some real authentic Spanish hospitality.


A few extras.

Take an old wooden train across the Sierra Alfabia to the village of Valldemossa Deia. Called one of the prettiest villages in Spain, it is sure to be a great place for some photos and to soak up the old world charm.

If you want a little more nature outside of the local villages, definitely take a look at the Serra de Tramuntana, perched in the northwest of the island and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stop by the Mondragó Natural Park, right on the coast, and the Albufera Natural Park, up north on the island.

The final stop on the “not so popular, but definitely worth seeing tour” is the Cova del Drach. An ancient natural cave deep below the surface with rock formations made millions of years ago.