Tips For Preparing Your Kids For a Move

Moving is stressful enough as it is. Having to uproot yourself and deal with the hassle of starting all over again is a considerable amount of work. However, when you throw kids into the equation, the changes can be even more challenging. Kids aren’t as accustomed as adults to new environments, especially if they grew up in the home that you’re leaving.

Moving can be a traumatizing experience for a child if they aren’t prepared for it. Kids don’t exactly love the idea of having to start all over and leave everything that they know behind. Therefore, as the parent, it’s up to you to find creative ways to get them enthusiastic about the change.

If you’re about to move and aren’t sure how to prepare your kids for it, take a look at some of the best ways how.

Make Them Feel Involved With With The Decision Making

Part of the reason that many children struggle with the idea of moving is because they feel powerless. No one asked them what they thought, so why should they have to go along with any of this?

By making them feel like they’re a part of the decision-making process, they’ll feel more empowered. While looking for homes, involve them in the search. Gather their input and show an interest in what they think. You should talk about moving school and see what their opinions are on the topic. Obviously, the final decision will be up to you; however, with a little creativity, you can help them feel like it was all their idea.

Include Them In Packing

Another way to involve them so that they don’t feel forced into a move is to get them involved in the preparation. Have them help you with the sorting and organizing of what will go where. The younger the children are, the less they will be able to help; however, there is always a job even for the littlest member of the family.

When they feel like they’re part of the team, they’ll feel more excited about the process.

Explore Your New Neighborhood

If possible, try to set aside some time before the move to check out your new neighborhood. Get them excited about the surrounding area and check out any parks in the area.

If where you’re moving is too far to visit beforehand without having to buy a plane ticket, then you can use Google Earth to your advantage. Take turns looking at the map and exploring nearby areas.

Say a Proper Goodbye To Your Old Home

It’s critical that you allow your children to have proper closure with their prior home. Really take your time to go room by room and go over the memories that you shared in the house.

Some families may want to plant a tree in the backyard to symbolize their time there, or even light a candle. Do anything that you decide will help your family gain closure before moving on.