Five Tips For Leading A Better Example For Your Children

Children learn by example and what you do your children are likely to do, at least at some point in their lives. The child of an alcoholic is very likely to become an alcoholic themselves, just as the child of a smoker may take up smoking as a bad habit. If you struggle to hold a job you child may think this is the norm, and in adulthood, they may also struggle with employment.

Young children will adopt all sorts of habits from you, including mimicking words and actions. As children get older they are also more likely to push the boundaries and use your indiscretions as excuses for their own.

Drop The Bad Habits

Kids of all ages can easily pick up on bad habits, and while they may understand that they are bad seeing you do them makes them OK. If drinking or smoking is so bad for the body then why is mom or dad doing it? This is an important area in which to lead by example.

If you are a smoker, think about quitting. Get help quitting and show your children that you want to be healthy. If you drink or do drugs, get help.

Continue Learning

Show your children the importance of learning by continuing to learn yourself. If you don’t yet have a college degree, get one, or at least get a certification through a trade school. It really is as simple as enrolling in a course at the college of your choice. And the opportunities that follow for you are unimaginable from here. With your college diploma, which you can show off proudly in your diploma frames, your children will see firsthand how amazing you are, as well as the routes that they will be able to experience when they are old enough to do so too. They will be so proud of you, and surely there will be no better feeling? So, show them the importance of education.

Don’t Miss Work

Work is important, and even if you work from home you need to show your children the importance of having a schedule and getting a paycheck. You can’t live without money. You need money to buy clothing, food, and keep the roof over your head.

Start teaching your kids the value of a dollar early as well. Give them an allowance in exchange for chores, but make sure they save it to buy things they want that aren’t part of general living needs. You supply food, but if they want a candy bar it comes from their own money.

Be Healthy

Living healthy teaches your kids to be healthy, it that goes beyond not smoking or drinking. You also want to teach them to eat healthy by creating healthy meals for them and keeping healthy foods in your home. You also want to be active, with your children, to teach them to care about their physical fitness.

Be Creative

Last, teach your children to be creative (which is probably the most important thing on this list). Creativity creates inventors, musicians, artists, actors, and more. Be creative yourself. If you have a passion for painting, singing, or photography, share those passions with your child! Help them make art out of nothing (like noodles, other kitchen items, or even items from nature) and they will never be bored.