Tips for Planning a Romantic Destination Wedding in Goa

Fancy having a destination wedding in India but not sure which destination to zero in on. Planning a destination wedding can be the best decision you ever make and equally challenging as well. A moment of real happiness, unparalleled excitement, and joyous celebrations, weddings can also be overwhelming and stressful especially if you don’t know what to expect. India is full of beautiful and exotic locales which provide the perfect platform to host a destination wedding. What better location than Goa and it’s mesmerising beaches to host a fancy destination wedding!

From picturesque mountaintops, vineyards and white-sand beaches, Goa is often referred to as ‘The Rome of the East’ and is visited by people from all across the world. Goa has a plethora of world-class dining options and sophisticated locales for individuals looking to unwind and looking for the ideal weekend getaway.

Goa is indeed a treat for couples looking to get hitched. With several classy resorts, fabulous food, stunning churches, eloquent Portuguese architecture, and beautiful mountain tops to choose from, Goa is right up there as the ideal destination for a big fat destination wedding. However, the actual planning and logistics can seem daunting for couples living far away.  From simple ceremonies on the beach to five-star gala weddings, here’s a good list of things you should and shouldn’t do when planning a destination wedding in Goa.

 An increasing phenomenon

According to several studies and recent statistics, at least 24% of all brides choose to get married far from their homes. Be it the north of the country or the far-east, it’s common to hear people travelling over several thousand kilometres from home for a beach wedding. There is a gamut of alternatives for any couple today, such as mountain tops, luxurious resorts or even the ever so popular beach weddings along with tonnes of other options which will certainly suit the specific needs of any couple. An excellent rule is to start with your planning at least a year in advance because that will ensure you have the time to make adjustments as early as possible.

Stay / Accommodation

Accommodation takes up a major chunk of your overall wedding budget as you are not only paying for your guest’s stay but also for the stay of close family and relatives. Goa has established itself as a popular and sought after destination in India and has an array of accommodation options from opulent resorts to luxury villas to suit each and every budget.  Moreover, make sure to personally visit the accommodation you decide to book before making any decision on reservations. Do avail cheap flight tickets and an array of flight offers on air tickets to drive the costs down. Make sure to show your appreciation by ensuring their trip and stay is as easy and pleasant as possible. This, after all, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, at least for the majority of us!

Hire A Wedding Planner

Entrusting in professionals who know the industry inside out will not only help you reduce the stress of planning but will also allow you to enjoy your wedding and the special times leading to your marriage. Hiring a wedding planner can go a long way in making sure all your events go seamlessly. Not only do they possess local knowledge of the destination you choose but it can prove to be invaluable when planning a destination wedding from afar. Wedding planners know the market, have several local contacts, and local information which can help you negotiate better rates as well. They know which vendors offer the best rates, best Goa Tour packages, logistics, transportation, and any other necessary information that may be required.

Travel and Other Arrangements

After figuring out the venue and cost of accommodation, food and drinks tend to form the second largest chunk of the overall expenditure. There are so many things to consider when a couple gets married, such as finding the perfect venue, meeting with caterers, selecting a DJ, and narrowing down on the photographer. All of these meetings and arrangements are going to take a lot of time and negotiations. This is why enough time should be made available for all of these arrangements so that they can be executed flawlessly without any last-minute delays. This also ensures that your invited guests also get a heads up of at least six to eight months’ so that even they can make requisite arrangements and preparations for your distance wedding.

Travelling arrangements for a large group of people not only entails careful planning in order to ensure that everybody is accommodated but also timely execution to ensure there won’t be any last minute confusions or disappointments. Group bookings when not done well in advance could become increasingly difficult to tackle especially as the wedding date inches closer. Then there is also the issue oftransit times, visas in the case of international guests and customs specifications in different countries which could make otherwise flawless arrangements a complete mess.

Never forget Mother Nature

Bad weather can really play spoil-sport and lay the best-laid plans to rest. It can play havoc by making your wedding ceremony difficult and even impossible depending on the severity of the conditions. Even tropical destinations which are mostly expected to have warm weather throughout the year could sometimes experience unexpected deviations in established weather patterns.

Many wedding planners advise couples to go for an off-season ceremony as it works out to be cheaper. But there’s a reason it’s termed as off-season as the weather conditions tend to be the least favourable that time of the year for your wedding ceremony. When planning a destination wedding, you should find other ways to cut corners but don’t overlook weather conditions or you will regret it. There is no doubt that a destination wedding can be incredibly romantic but with the proper planning so much more could be achieved

Final Thoughts

Destination weddings in Goa have become immensely popular! These destination wedding tips will surely get you off on the right foot when considering Goa for your venue. But this is just the beginning! Nearly every couple planning a destination wedding tend to stress about various other factors as well. Right from stressing which flights to book, wondering if people will show up to figuring out the destinations. Remember to keep calm and most importantly take it easy. If something has to go wrong, it will and hence it’s advisable to keep contingency days in place. At the end of the day, you’re responsible for your own happiness and will set the tone for the occasion. Stop worrying and revel in this magical moment. If you’re having fun, your guests will too.-