Top Tips for Planning a Family Summer Holiday

With Easter soon approaching, we are getting to the time of year where parents will be thinking of booking a family summer holiday. This will probably be somewhere hot with lots of activities for the kids and more than likely it’ll be near a beach. But before you jump ahead and start getting your suitcases out, make sure you are fully prepared.

Add in extra travelling time

Travelling with children, especially young children, can be challenging, which is why you should always leave extra time. Everything from checking in to finding the hotel all naturally takes longer with kids. By leaving additional time here and there, you’ll save yourself from rushing and panicking and instead arrive at your destination calm and relaxed.

Try to keep journey times short

“Are we there yet?” are four words that causes a deafening ring in any parent’s ear. Even the most docile child is likely to get irritable after the third ofr fourth hot and bumpy bus journeyhaving been awake for 36 hours. An easy way to avoid this by minimising in-country transfers and stopovers. Of course, long haul flights to your destination can’t be helped, but by avoiding lots of travelling, your kids will surely be in a better mood ready to start the holiday.

Activities, activities, activities

This is more aimed and parents with younger children, but having activities planned is absolutely key. Whilst your ideal holiday might be sitting on the beach working on your tan, a young child will become bored of that very quickly. Research destinations before you go to see what kind of activities they offer. Look for things like theme and water parks nearby, what kind of excursions there are or if you are looking at a resort, whether the resort has a pool or a kid’s club. Doing your homework will be sure to keep your kids occupied throughout your stay.

Healthcare is important

Making sure your children are safe on holiday is our top priority. There are a number of things to check before you go. If you kids have any allergies, make sure you call ahead to make sure the hotel/resort is aware. You could carry the allergy and anti-inflammatory medicines (such as the one found on sites like in order to be extra careful in case of any unprecedented incidents that might occur during the trip. Prepare as much as you can for the trip. Alternatively, have a card produced specifying what allergy your child has. Allergy UK for example produces allergy cards in 27 languages. As well as this, if you are planning on travelling to a country with a known health risk, such as malaria, make sure both you and you children in particular have all the necessary vaccinations before going.

Keep your eye out for deals

With so many price comparison sites out there these days, it’s easier than ever to get a great deal on your next holiday. If, for example, you wanted a beach holiday this summer and decide to go to Spain, simply typing in cheap flights to Spain will bring up a host of deals, allowing you to get the best price. Often it is cheaper to book the flights and hotel at once, so make sure you set up alerts; that way you’ll be notified when a new deal becomes live. As well as this, look out for special family deals such as free meals for children or discounted room rates.

Be prepared

This may seem like an obvious one, but preparation is key, especially when it comes to a family holiday. Depending on the age of your kids, making sure everything is in order before you leave is essential. Make a list before you go, breaking it down into categories. This way, you tick things off the list as you start packing and getting everything ready. A great family holiday starts with preparation. Make sure everyone has what they need. For example, do you all have swimming costumes for the beach? If not, it might be worth shopping online to make sure everyone has some swimwear. Perhaps families with young daughters could even look at this little girls one piece swimsuit. Everyone needs to have swimwear and evening wear too. With that said, you might also consider indulging in skincare treatments before your beach visit. A bit of self-care before the trip can truly kickstart your journey. Whether you choose a rejuvenating facial for a fresh look or Hair Removal in Bellevue, WA (or your location) to flaunt your soft, supple skin in beachwear, preparing yourself will ensure you’re ready to fully enjoy your time at the beach.


Whilst all of the points above are important, the absolute biggest one is to have fun! A family holiday with your kids can be a truly wonderful and unforgettable experience. The beach provides a perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories, from building sandcastles and playing beach volleyball to splashing in the waves and exploring tide pools.

Imagine the joy on your children’s faces as they run along the shoreline, their laughter mingling with the sound of the surf. Picture yourself joining them in their adventures, whether it’s a game of Frisbee on the sand or a shared moment watching the sunset over the ocean. These moments of joy and connection are what make family holidays so special.