How to treat thrombosed hemorrhoid with your diet

I have recently discovered that thrombosed hemorrhoid can happen to anyone, including me.  As a single father of two I felt the pressure to change my lifestyle and to lead a healthier way of life. It turned out there is a diet I can follow to prevent more thrombosed hemorrhoids from coming back. I would like to share some tips with you, so that you could implement some healthy changes into your regime. This diet will help you treat or prevent this condition.

Drink a lot of water. Yes, this is the old banal truth – water is essential. Your body cannot function properly, if you do not drink a necessary amount of water on a regular basis. Water is good for digestion, and it helps fiber play its role in preventing constipation.

Eat food that is rich in fiber. Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains are the source you are looking for. The more of those you consume, the more fiber you will get. When you lack fiber in your diet, both colonic and abdominal pressure get higher, which can lead to constipation and then thrombosed hemorrhoid.

Add supplements. I am not the biggest fan of salads and it is sometimes hard to make sure that my kids eat them all the time. This is why supplements are a convenient solution. I found out more about them on this web-site Fiber is available as a supplement, so you should consider making it one of your habits.

Avoid refined carbs. It does not matter how many vegetables or supplements you consume, if refined carbs are a big part of your diet. The reason is simple – refined carbs lack any fiber, chromium and zinc. Those elements are very important for vascular health and digestion.

Control animal food and dairy consumption. Eating too much animal food or dairy products can harm you in numerous ways. Products in those groups can cause inflammation, which is extremely unwanted in the case of thrombosed hemorrhoid. I am not saying that you should stop eating meat and drinking milk, but it is better to keep an eye on how often you consume them.

Treating thrombosed hemorrhoid was not pleasant or easy to deal with it, but a special diet definitely helped. Keep it mind!