Three Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Home

Bugs in your home are more than just annoying, they can cause a lot of damage. Even a mosquito that goes unchecked can do a lot of drinking and leave you itching. When it comes to bugs in your home you really need to be proactive.

While a spider in the corner of the living room isn’t a sign of anything major, a couple of carpenter ants passing by every few minutes could mean there is a nest in your home. Constantly finding bees or wasps in the living room could mean there is a nest on or in your home somewhere, it might be time for you to call in a Pest Authority of Chattanooga or one recommended by your friends. Here’s how to tell the differences:

Know The Signs

It helps to know the signs of a bug problem in your home. If you’re noticing piles of wood dust in a room, and even after sweeping it up more appears, you could have a carpenter ant nest in your home. These bugs burrow through the wood of you home, making it weak. They also make their nests in rotten would, meaning you may have a bigger problem in your house than just the bugs.

Moth killer is the answer to finding actual moths or noticing holes in your clothing in the attic. You can use stinky mothballs to try to prevent these pests. Termites and bedbugs are a couple of other nasty ones that are worth taking the time to research so you know what to look for to make sure you’re not going to be dealing with the extermination of those particular nuisance bugs.

Keep Things Clean

Even the cleanest home can get bugs, but the cleaner you are the better chances you have of avoiding some of them. Cockroaches and sugar ants are likely to spend time in a messy kitchen, so make sure to clean up food crumbs and sweep under the fridge and stove a couple of times a month.

Spiders like to move into empty boxes and damp spaces, so keep things cleaned up and recycle those boxes. The fewer places you give the bugs to live, the fewer bugs you’ll have in your home.

Keep Things Sealed

Keep foods that could attract bugs in sealed, plastic containers. The same goes for clothing in storage. Also, keep fruits on a tight schedule, as too much ripening will bring you an annoying case of fruit flies.

Sometimes cracks in the home foundations and roof can lead to bug infestations, as it could provide an easy way in. You could potentially consult something similar to a crack foundation repair company, or a re-roofing contractor, to possibly sort out such issues. This in turn might make your house less open to bugs coming in.

Make sure your windows all shut properly and that you don’t have holes in your screens. When you’re coming in from the outside, don’t dawdle. You’re letting all sorts of creepy crawlies have the option to come on in with you.