Weekend Family Getaway in North Wales

The “we’ll see what we get up to when we get there” approach to your visit to North Wales really won’t help you much if you’re travelling with the whole family, so much so that you might come away from a region which has so much to offer with some kind of regret. While the beaches of the Llyn Peninsula are indeed a favourite hangout spot for many holidaymakers who make their way to this part of the world, the temptation to lounge around by the beach often proves a bit too much to resist and so you might go back home to find that you whiled away our entire stay getting sunburnt.

If you’re in the area for a short stay of two nights, the need to plan your activities in advance is even more pressing because a weekend in North Wales goes by in a flash.

So what can and should you get up to on your short, two-night stay in North Wales?

Assuming you’ll be arriving late in the afternoon or early in the evening, use your first night to get settled in, perhaps getting in some sightseeing as you get closer and closer to the region, with quite a few castles to catch sight of in an area which boasts the highest concentration of castles in the entire world.

Get up bright and early the next morning, to start exploring, or sleep in – it’s probably a vacation after all, in which case you probably want to relax as much as you can. Otherwise a visit to Chirk Castle is perhaps a great starting point for your exploration of this very beautiful part of the world, with this 700 year old fortress which once formed part of Edward I’s “ring of steel” making for a real family-friendly venue as it houses a children’s play area amongst other attractions.

Two self-catering cottages form part of the estate, otherwise, there are many more charming, character-filled cottages all across the entire region.

Top the day’s entertainment off with a visit to Llangollen to immerse yourselves in some water sports like rafting and canoeing, amongst many other outdoor activities available (both wet and dry).

There’s a lot of sightseeing to enjoy as well with your visit to Llangollen, including the picturesque flow path of the River Dee as it channels right through the town centre.

The next morning’s activities are perhaps meant to be brief, considering the fact that you’ll probably be preparing to make your trip back home. Still, you want to leave with a lasting memory of the destination in the form of something unique to North Wales, so you’d probably want to hit the Llyn Peninsula straight after a breakfast you’ll perhaps have in Snowdonia or Portmeirion.

Okay, so perhaps the experience in question is unique to one other location in the whole of Europe, which in this case is a rather intriguing walk on Porth Oer’s “whistling sands.” The sand squeaks with every step you take on it, something which is sure to have you coming away from North Wales with quite a unique memory of your stay.