Why Should Families Choose Serviced Apartments Over B&Bs?

Choosing the right accommodation is important for any holiday, but it’s absolutely vital when you’re travelling with your family. A bed & breakfast might sound tempting at first, but here are just a few reasons why a serviced apartment will almost certainly suit you better.

The latter option presents numerous advantages, such as providing ample space for guests to stay together and maintaining cleaner interiors and exteriors achieved through commercial cleaning services in Columbia or similar offerings in the apartment’s location. Besides this, serviced apartments offer the convenience of a kitchen, less noise, and more flexibility in terms of stay. All of these factors have been discussed in detail in the below-mentioned section so that you can make an informed decision.

Space to Stay in Together

Bed & breakfasts should have a living room area where guests can relax together, but most families prefer having their own space. That’s exactly what they’ll get with a serviced apartment, plus home comforts like a TV, DVD player, and usually a few board games.

Cooking for the Kids

A bed & breakfast might offer a few options when you want dinner or breakfast, but you’ll generally be choosing from a very small selection. Serviced apartments work better for families because they offer their own fully fitted kitchens. If you want to prepare packed lunches to save money while you’re exploring or make sure the needs of your fussiest kids are catered for, having your own kitchen is going to be useful.


The serviced apartment’s cleanliness is unparalleled, ensuring utmost guest satisfaction. Professional and dedicated cleaning services meticulously maintain every inch of the property. From commercial window cleaning denver (or similar services elsewhere) to the regular upkeep of common areas like hallways and lobbies, the professionals leave no detail overlooked. The result is a welcoming environment that ensures guests enjoy a pristine and comfortable stay. In contrast, B&Bs may have higher guest turnover, making it challenging to maintain the same level of cleanliness with limited staff.

No Schedule

One of the main problems people have with bed & breakfasts are that they need to run on their own rather tight schedule. You’ll usually need to be at the table at a certain time for breakfast and dinner, and you might have to get back at certain times. This can be an issue for families who need to get their kids to sleep or have them fed at their own certain times.

Less Need to Worry About Noise

Families need things to be quiet so they can all get enough sleep, but they also need thick enough walls to keep any energy-packed younger kids or crying babies from getting on the nerves of other guests. Your average bed & breakfast will have thin walls and not much space between rooms, so they’re really not a great option for families. Serviced apartments keep things nicely insulated.